Attraction Spells

To fill the bag you may use Holly leaves and berries. Or you may use elecampane, mistletoe and vervain. If you don’t happen to have these lying around in your house, add any of your special charms or jewelry (shaped like a heart) or your childhood toys (small) that brought you a lot of joy such as coins, beads, sequins from your favorite dress, coral or pearl trinkets, etc. Also add your initials and the initials of the one you love to the bag. Keep it by your bedside at night while you visualize love coming into your life.


Love Candle Spell

Get a Lover’s candle. This is usually a red candle in the form of a couple. Using a dull knife, carve the man’s name on the female side of the candle and the woman’s name on the male candle. Dress the candle with Come to me Lover oil and burn the candle while you visualize your lover running over to you.

Brightest Blessings.

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