Before you try contacting spirit guides

Most people are satisfied with their lives on Earth and live to impress other humans. However, there are many among us who are aware that there are energies that influence and sometimes control our lives which are invisible to us humans.
Ancient and natural religions such as Wicca and Hinduism have priceless knowledge that have been discovered over the centuries. The most important symbol of Wicca is the pentacle which has five points or nodes with the most important being the spirit. While most other religions prefer to assume that spirits are not important, natural religions are intelligent enough to accept their help with gratitude.
Most people do not wonder about what happens after death. They may not be aware that we re-incarnate multiple times to experience life in various forms as flowers, plants, animals or humans. Their spirit remains the same while they change bodies and locations.
At any point of time, there will be spirits all around us. They may be spirits of those who were close to you such as relatives, friends who may have passed on. Some of the spirits are from higher realms who are here to help us when we are in trouble. Many of the enlightened human beings can feel the presence of these spirits. Wicca is inspired by these spirits and in practice, invites them to bless their rituals and other ceremonies.
It is easy to believe that all that exists is what we see with our naked eye. However, there are spirits all around us. If you take a camera and point it to the backyard at night, some of the shots that you get will have hazy white perfect orbs on them. These orbs are believed to be spirits residing in that area.
In spell-casting, we invite, induce or coerce a powerful spirit to join in the rituals to make it more powerful. One the most important things we need to remember when inviting spirits is that they need to be satiated for their help by offering them their favorite things. For example, if we invite Yemaya, the spirit who assists victims of domestic abuse, we should know that she loves blue candles, white roses and the sea shore while the deity Oshun prefers yellow roses, honey, the number five and Fridays.
There are a host of spirits and legions to suit every purpose on Earth. Love spirits, Healing spirits, Protection spirits, etc. who are willing to come to our domain to assist in our work by raising the high level of energy that is required for more difficult tasks and rituals.
Although most of these spirits are benevolent there are many who may be persuaded to work in negative ways. The Latin American wind spirit Oya, Archangel Raphael, Yoruba’s gentle healer Obatala, Disease spirit Babalu-Aye, Hindu Goddess Kali, Yerba, Romany disease spirit Bibi, Saint Lucy, Shabriri, Holy child of Atocha, Elegba, Pompa Gira Cigana, Ochossi, Maman Brigitte combined with varilus Djinns and Fairies are generally invited with pomp and pleasure to make their rituals complete.
Inviting a spirit to help us requires a lot of knowledge about the spirit’s likes and dislikes. Some spirits like wine and honey while others spirits shun them and would prefer roses and sea water. Some research into the preferences of included deities yield more successful results. For example, some deities love the cross-roads while others prefer the cemetery for their work. Over the millenniums, people have collected a lot of information on these deities so that they can have a successful ritual with the help of powerful entities.
Researching well beforehand will enable the practitioner to understand the expectations of these deities so that they can be invited the correct way, introduced the formal way and send off with gratitude the optimal way. Many of these deities enjoy their favorite food, drink or other items such as candles, flowers or cooked food items.
If the deity or spirit is happy, you may be fortunate to have a lasting relationship with Her or Him. However, if you have no idea how to treat the deity to their satisfaction, it is best if you do the ritual by yourself.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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