Beginner Magic Spells

Use this powder to sprinkle around the rooms in your house or outside your home and around the boundaries. This will keep your home and everyone in your home protected from evil energies. This will enhance your spell working abilities by removing any negative energies that may reduce your powers or concentration.

Clear Quartz Crystal Spell

Clear quartz is well known for its abilities to charge and empower any item that it comes in contact with.

Get a clear quartz crystal to use as a pendant or bracelet charm. Charge it by holding them over incense smoke or allowing the sunlight to seep into it. You may also cleanse it by dipping it in sea salt water for a few minutes.

Store tarot cards, runes or any other magickal items you have with a quartz crystal to charge and empower them.
Add clear quartz crystals to magic wands to increase their power and effectiveness.

Wear the quartz crystal as a pendant on a necklace around your neck or place it under a pillow to increase your own personal power which will help you become a powerful witch.

Bright Blessings.

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  1. Allord says:

    is there a spell that can make me oblivious for a while, I just want to forget my life. just for a little bit.

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