Beginners Guide to Teenage Wicca

3.    The world is now focused on “getting stuff” “collections” and more shopping. One of the things that teenage witches need to focus on is to not expect stuff, but to GIVE to others. One of the major reasons for this behavior is the three-fold Law which stipulates that for each of our actions will result in three-fold returns. This means that if we are selfish, we will see others turn selfish towards us. If we are giving and forgiving, then we will find ourselves in a wonderful world where people are unselfish and loving.

4.    This above rule also means that if we are helpful, we will get all the help we need from the Universe and if we donate money or volunteer to help the under privileged of our society, then we will never need to ask anyone for help. The Universe will shower blessings on us.

5.    As you can see, in the wonderful religion of Wicca, there is nothing to worry about and no one to fear. Just be yourself, and help everyone around you and you will see that your life is wonderful in every way.

6.    One way to help the Universe is to take care of the environment and use the minimum of resources. Remember that everything we see is part of our life and interact with each other. If we kill animals, we upset the balance of the eco-system which will eventually destroy our world.

7.    If we keep our eyes open, we can stop the wars and the famine, help each other through natural and man-made disasters and help each other through tough times. One faith, one religion, one race. That should be our goal.

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