beginning wicca for teens

Wicca is all about freedom of spirit. Contrary to the teachings of the current dominating religions, practitioners of Wicca are encouraged to use their spiritual powers to create or enhance their life. This freedom allows us to release our inhibitions and allow us to utilize all the powers within to create the perfect life we have come to the Earth for.
As youngsters, it may be difficult to digest and assimilate all the information that is coming toward them from parents, friends, teachers, etc. When we are teenagers, life is almost like a jig-saw puzzle. One day you think you have conquered it and the next day, the puzzle seems to be falling apart. Advice on how to live life comes from all corners of your existence and you have no idea how to bring it all together. Wicca provides a stable yet exhilarating environment for growth for all.

The first thing that Wicca teens need to learn is the art of Meditation. This practice is wonderful, especially at a time when your mind races all day on various subjects and at the end of the day, it leaves you exhausted. Teenagers are also prone to addictions and other dangerous habits as a form of rebellion from the control of parents or other adults. This is a time when children are confused about the variety of religions and the various stigma associated with the religion we are born into. Meditation helps you to focus on what you need in life. As this need changes with the time of the day and the year, focus will enable them to do the best they can without falling prey to negative habits such as anger, drug addition, violence, etc.

Here are some simple spells that you can start your life with:

Connect With Nature Spell

Although the following ritual is part of the celebration of Ostara, you can easily make it part of an everyday ritual.

For this spell, you will need a potted plant with flowers on it.

Sit in a safe and isolated place and gaze at the plant for some time. Touch the plant and visualize yourself as a tiny atom that is traveling through the plant. Close your eyes and imagining getting into the plant through the tip of its leaf. From the centre of your being, your spirit reaches out to the plant through your heart, your arm and your fingers. Sense the inner workings of the plant, how it draws food from the Earth, processes it and bit by bit allows the plant to grow and produce the beautiful flowers that everyone can enjoy. Touching the plant, say these words from “Wicca: A guide for the solitary practitioner” by the venerated author Scott Cunningham.

I walk the Earth in Friendship, not in dominance
Mother Goddess and Father God, instill within me
through this plant a warmth for all living things.
Teach me to revere the Earth and all its treasures
May I never forget.
Meditation is the art of focusing on one thing at a time. By focusing on a planet, an animal or a human, one can easily live life to the fullest.

Here is another gem from Scott Cunningham’s book that is very important for all Wiccans:
The Law of Power
1. Power shall not be used to bring harm injure or control others. But if the need arises, the Power shall be used to protect your life or the lives of others.
2. The Power is used only as need dictates
3. The Power can be used for your own gain, as long as by doing so you harm none
4. It is unwise to accept money for use of the Power, for it quickly controls its taker. Be not as those of other religions
5. Use not the Power for prideful gain, for such cheapens the mysteries of Wicca and magic.
6. Ever remember that the Power is sacred gift of the Goddess and the God, and should never be misused or abused.
7. And this is the Law of the Power.

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  1. Isabelle says:

    what does that spell do?

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    Really interesting but still doubtful whether all these things are true or a fraud

  3. Lynn Amanda says:

    this is very helpful! thanks Rose!

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