Benefits of Witch Hazel

Witch-hazel is a flowering plant that belongs to the family Hamamelidaceae. It is usually found in places like China, Japan and parts of North America. In some areas of the world, Witch-hazel is also referred to as Winterbloom.
The Witch-hazel plants are small trees which may grow up to a height of 8 meters (26 ft). The scientific name of Hamamelis was derived because of the fact that this tree grows flowers along with the fruits from the previous year.
Although the origin of the name of witch-hazel is from the word “wiche”, which means flexible or bendable”, it could be the use of the twigs of this plant as divining rods that cemented its name as Witch-hazel in the Americas.

There are many uses for this wonderful plant. It is known as an ornamental plant because of its colorful autumn display of yellow-orange-red flowers that springs up in the autumn and continues throughout the winter.

However, this beautiful plant has its advantages. Its bark and leaves are very potent and is used as medicine. It is the extract of the plant which is called Witch-hazel by the general population. Sometimes, these extracts are used in lotions and other cosmetic products. It is also used for treating insect bruises and bites.

Another advantage of Witch-hazel is that it helps to contract blood vessels (astringency) and so it is vastly used in many hemorrhoid medications. At times, it is used in delivery as a common treatment for postnatal tearing after delivery of babies. In addition to the ability to heal the body, it is also used in treatment of skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. Additionally, it may be used in eye drops. In addition to healthcare, witch-hazel is used in repairing old furniture, used by Native Americans as a general tonic, brewed as tea to treat diarrhea in children and as a wonderful wood to make their bows.

The forked limbs of the Witch-hazel plant is also used to find many lost items, hidden treasures buried in the Earth and even subterranean water.

In Witchcraft, this wonderful botanical is used for:
1. Protection against evil
2. Cooling passions
3. Chastity
4. Mending a broken heart
5. Water divining
6. Carry to ease grief over a lost love
7. Use in a sachet to reduce passions
8. Use in Love spells to ward off Evil.

Here is a Witch-Hazel spell for you:

Mend a broken Heart Spell

Witch-Hazel is used to mend a broken heart. It is also used to repel Evil, cool passions, chastity, and to get over the loss of love. For this spell, you will need some witch-hazel, 1 white candle, paper and pen, and a charm bag which you can carry around with you all day.

Step 1: Take a nice, long bath to get rid of negative energies that are always around us.

Step 2: Sit down by the altar or any quiet place and contemplate on the best way to resolve your dilemma.

Step 3: Light the candle.

Step 4: Write down your thoughts for the future. Remember, it has to be positive and the tone has to be positive. It should also be in current tense. For example,
Instead of visualizing “I will be happy”, think “I am happy” (in the future).

Step 5: Now visualize your future in positive and joyful terms.

Step 6: Read a spiritual document until the candle burns off.

Step 7: When the wax has cooled, add some of it to the bag along with the witch-hazel, and the paper in which you have described your dreams for the future.

Step 8: Carry the bag with you at all times until you know you don’t need it anymore.

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