Black Magic and Spells

As Zora Neale Hurston, an expert scholar in magic said “Magic is older than writing. So nobody knows how it started”. At one time or another most cultures have recognized and used magic to help make their wishes come true.

Because of tremendous pressure from certain powerful religions, magick or witchcraft as it is called now, was denigrated and defamed by the powerful entities who wished to malign and destroy this beautiful way of life. However, thanks to the billions of people who have retained this beautiful and powerful essence of life over the millenniums, we are enjoying the benefits of witchcraft even now.

It was in Africa that magic originated as most of ancient relics declare. As human beings in a wonderful new land full of wonders and dangers, people had to instinctively understand the workings of this beautiful Universe. There started the origins of spirituality and the lessons which taught us the powers of the human mind.

Africa was a fertile land of thriving vegetation (medicinal botanicals), beautiful rivers, mountains and powerful animals. Coupled with these magical surroundings and varied natural phenomena such as thunder, lightning, rains, planets, etc, it was definitely a magickal existence.

As we are aware now, these natural phenomena causes change in our lives one way or another. The energy that is in each of these natural wonders is the same energy that runs through our veins. In a similar way, we can influence their movements and directions too.

Some people are born with strong connections to the spirits. They were considered very powerful and revered as healers and witch doctors. Using their powers, they could easily help others get rid of diseases, fears, lack of something and even help them find love. Many rituals were performed for births (to bless the baby and mother), deaths (for a smooth transition to the next life), marriage ceremonies, etc.

As people developed a sense of individual power, they used it on positive purposes and at times on negative or harmful purposes. This was a time when people realized the power of mammoth religious following. Certain races hell bent of taking control of the whole world and converting people into Christianity not only ransacked and raped countries and its people but also tried to remove spirituality from them by scaring them into submission with stories of the Devil and Satan, etc.

Colonialism almost destroyed our natural way of life called witchcraft. Thankfully, many people still had the guts to follow their hearts and kept this beautiful way of life alive.

As the colonists moved further into Africa, they were afraid of the rituals of the locals and tried to defame their way of life calling all magic as “black magic” which they also meant to be “bad magic”. However, all magic is good when it benefits people and “bad magic” if it hurts anyone.

The colonists had no idea that this way of life was more natural than believing an unseen God who would punish people by banishing them to hell or purgatory (this scare tactic came later). Either way, the natural way of life that pagans (country folk) had enjoyed was under attack by the powerful religions.

Black magic is defined as any act that hurts another (people, animals, plants, etc). This includes war among countries, capture of animals for any reason other than their care, wanton destruction of the environment, etc. As most of us know, the practice of black magic brings with it our punishment too. This is called the three-fold rule in Wicca. Most other witchcraft based religions have their warning for those who choose to hurt another entity.

It is best to focus on spells that help us. As every entity in this Universe has the powers to create their own destiny, it is always beneficial to help others only when requested.

Black magic spells sometimes use bodily fluids such as sweat, blood, spit, etc. Many cultures currently have rituals that are used in important gatherings such as weddings. These are mini spells and include spitting on the bride and groom at Greek weddings or throwing rice/flowers at the couple in Indian weddings for good luck.

Black magic spells also use long distance communication such as Voodoo (Vodoun) with which one can even heal another person who is far away at a distance through spiritual messages. Voodoo and its distant cousin Hoodoo, etc are highly evolved and uses the powers of the mind which allows long distance healing.

All Black magic spells do not hurt others. Some of these are called black magic because they are scary to others as they use bodily fluids such as blood, menstrual blood, sweat, nail clippings, etc.

Here is a spell for you:

Lunar Slime Spell
Infusing the powers of the Moon or “Drawing down the Moon” is believed to be a spell that was used by the Greek Thessalian witches who had powerful metaphysical knowledge.

For this spell, on a full Moon day, fill an open mouthed jar with spring water. Place this jar outside on the Earth where the full Moon is reflected within it. Keep this image in the water even if you have to move the jar as the Moon moves across the sky.

This water is now charged with the powers of the Moon. This water may be used in rituals, potions, spells, etc. This is Holy water and is as powerful as menstrual blood or Iron that are used in similar spells.

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