Black Magic for the Beginner

Magick was the beginning of creation. Our entire world that we see with our eyes is the result of unending, unfathomable magic! It is almost like there is no beginning and no ending. Just like reincarnation, life goes on and on and on forever!
In the early times, when greed was not so prevalent, people knew that all humans were powerful because they were made to be so. We were not weaklings that depended on some powerful entity that controlled everything including us. That was just a dimwitted idea that came to someone who wanted to control the population. That was when “religions” were born.

Magick is all about freedom and truth while religions are all about control and deceit. God does not need any helpers. Humans are as powerful as God and do not need any helpers either.

It may surprise a lot of people that there are many spiritual people who are so powerful that they have the same powers as God. However, these spiritual people do not advertize or coerce anyone to do ANYTHING. They believe that each individual needs to grow and become spiritual enough to reach their infinite potential that is hidden in EVERY HUMAN BEING.

Of course, there are many animals that are spiritual and can help us in our lives. Some religions devalue the importance of animals in our life because they would prefer to eat them and not have any guilt about it.

So what does all of the above have to do with Black Magic? Everything! The term black was given to the spiritual people in Africa by the most aggressive of people, the British, who assumed that just because the skin of Africans was darker than theirs, they must be crazy and useless. Of course, in earlier times, many countries like France, Belgium, Britain, etc assumed that the world was their oyster and the faster they get to it, the more space on Earth they can CONTROL.

Yes, Control was the popular contest then. Another problem these aggressors had was that they always thought that they were somehow they were also very intelligent. Now we know that aggression and war are for the ignorant!

Now we come to why Magick got the name “black” in front of it. It was these aggressors, in their infernal greed that decided magick, the spiritual power that all
Humans are born with, is indeed from the Devil. What a nice way to scare off people. Isn’t is surprising that on one has seen the Devil on Earth?

Ok, so now we come to the reason why Black Magick which, by any other name, it is as powerful, came to be the people’s choice. As the religions began to control people, the masses got really upset because they loved the natural pagan religions.
However, the pope and Catholic priests wanted all the power and they were even ready to kill in the name of God!!! Anyone heard of that? Kill in the name of God?
Would God really ask anyone to kill a child of his/hers?

Anyway, there were enough brave and spiritual people who could see through all the smoke and decided enough is enough. So there are Wiccans and many other Pagan religions that do witchcraft which is an amazingly powerful way to live. This religion or way of life enables us to be proud of ourselves and to use our spiritual strength to choose the path that we want. Ignore the naysayers for they do not know what they are talking about.

When you hear black magick, you should remember that it is a beautiful, ancient, wise and successful way to live, FOREVER!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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