Black Magick

The Problem With Magick Rituals

The Black Mass is perhaps the most famous Satanic ritual. Often the participants are dressed in black, except for one woman who is garbed as a nun, and one who serves as the altar, who is nude. The tools of this ritual are often similar to the tools used for Wiccan and Pagan rituals, though a phallus is often part of the Black Mass and is less likely to be a part of Wiccan ritual. The words that are spoken are often an inversion of the Mass paid in Catholic Church, wherein Satan instead of God is glorified as the ruler of the earth.

In contrast, the black part of the Morrigan’s rituals can refer to the death her followers often symbolically undergo, wherein they are dismembered, only to reassemble themselves in her cauldron.

If you play with black magic, expect to get burned as the price of such magic is ofttren not immediately apparent. Never, ever spill blood as part of a ritual unless you are willing to pay a very heavy price! I have encountered many serious betrayals throughout my time on earth and still have never felt I could pay the price of spilling my own blood in ritual in order to harm another!

As with everything in magic be careful, smart, and strive your hardest to be well read!

Be kind, kittens.

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