Black Magick Spells

People who indulge in black magick will ultimately bear the brunt of their actions, at which time they probably wonder “why me?”…

When dealing with someone who wronged us, it is better to let Karma take its course on them. Remember, each of us is here to grow spiritually and standing in the way of another’s path is not conducive to our growth and spiritual development.

The phrase “Black Magick” puts fear into the hearts of people, especially the descendants from the African subcontinent. There are many stories about how Black Magick has ruined the lives of innocents or drove them insane. These stories are usually created by the corrupt healers who would like to keep themselves in power and at the same time, keep the people scared and weak.

Anyone who thinks that they have been cursed (or hexed) by black magic should confidently use their own magick to reverse and break the hexes. No one has more power over us than we do. A black magick spell will work on us only if we allow our minds to weaken and accept that change the spell is supposed to create in our lives.

By believing in our own infinite strength and the powers and energies that are always available to guide us and do our bidding, we can stay strong to avoid the effect of evil spells on us.

It is a good idea to always be kind to others and not allow ill will to cause a rift. By apologizing for making mistakes and communicating in a mature way, we can avoid a lot of conflicts. So we may never have to resort to evil magick.

Also, remember to use protection spells to keep yourself and everyone in your family circle safe and secure. That is a positive way to keep the peace on earth.

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