Breaking a Spell

For healing, anoint a white candle with any of the above oils and carve the reason why you think that you have a curse on you. White consists of all colors of the rainbow and it is considered the color of healing.

When you get out of the bath, sit in front of the lighted candle and read a spiritual passage from any book that you choose. As the candle melts away the negative influences that have troubled your life, allow yourself to relax and know that outside influences can bother you only if you allow it to. Imagine the power of the curse slowly weakening and leaving you.

If you prefer, you can also hold in your hand an old knitted scarf or hat and slowly unravel it visualizing it to be the curse that is slowly being removed from your life.

Once the candle has burnt through, remove any remnants and bury them outside the house.

Now sit in front of the altar visualizing yourself surrounded by a sphere of protective light that reflects all negative energy from outside to reflect back to the sender. Imagine this shell of pulsating, live energy that will always be ready to protect you.

When you can believe that you are in a cocoon of safety, imagine an outer covering for a double shell of protection. This will not only keep most of the negative energy away from you, it will also help you from feeling negative thoughts as well.

Repeat this until you feel safe and secure always

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