Candle Magick

How To Do Candle Magick

Candle Magic is a simple yet effective form of natural magic. It is also a good form of magic for the underage practionier who wants or needs to keep their beliefs from their parents, as it requires very little ceremony and few ritual items.

All the witch needs to practice candle magic is candles, candles that should always be used specifically for magical purposes, rather than serving double duty as an atmosphere enhancer, and a quiet space to concentrate.

As always, cast a circle before you perform candle magic. Be as relaxed as possible so that nothing will distract you from your spell. Remember that willpower is an important spell component, so don’t let anything that might impede your ability to envision your desired outcome enter into the circle with you. Some witches advocate giving the candle some of your energy by anointing it with oil, thereby transferring your energy through touch, much as you might do with a deck of Tarot cards before performing a personal reading.

The color and shape of the candles can also be important; for example, many Western witches would think of green as a color of financial prosperity. Sexual or love magic could utilize candles shaped like phalluses or hearts.

The smells of the candles can be important as well, as they represent various herbs, spices, and fruits. Try and choose a scent that is in keeping with your goal. Otherwise, choose a non-scented candle or, for extra magical oomph, make your own candles from beeswax and essential oils.

A simple spell you can do with candles is one created to banish negativity and invite happiness and laughter into the home. Choose red and yellow candles for this, unless you have a patron or spirit you wish to honor who has a different color associated with positive feelings. (For example, to gain Kuan Yin’s favor, you might choose a candle the color of a lotus blossom, or a pure white candle to represent the pure water She loves) Simply light these throughout the house while visualizing scenes of happiness taking place within all the rooms. Each time you see one of the flames, reinforce your vision of what you want to happen.

Visualization is one of the most important things about candle magic. It can also help to focus visually on the candle’s flame as a way to focus your mind so you can see your desired outcome that much clearer in your mind’s eye.

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