Celtic Pagan Symbols

Triskelion – This is a three legged which indicates a movement towards the progress of the Universe as a whole.

Threefold – This symbol is also similar to the triple spiral and which is believed to represent the powers of the Moon Goddess as maiden, mother and crone. This is essentially a symbol of female power and signifies transition and growth.

Triquetra – this Three-cornered continuous symbol indicates being a part of the entire Universe. Regardless of the apparent disconnect of our identities, this symbol assures us that we are all connected.

Three Rays – This symbol may also be called Arwen which represents energy. The rays on either side represent the female and male energy while the middle ray represents the balance of both male and female energies. This symbol may be used to denote fire energy.

Triangle – Denotes the element of Fire which is the catalyst for transformation. The triple flame of Arwen may be connected to the symbol of fire and energy.

Five fold – This symbol represents balance and unity of the four elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

Knots – There are several forms of knots in Celtic culture which are believed to represent the crossings of the spiritual and physical paths. They could also represent the cyclical life forms which emerge and re-emerge over time. Simple knots such as the Lover’s knot signify an eternal “connection” to each other.

There are many other lesser known Celtic symbols that were used millenniums ago and that are still in use in the current century.

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