Christian Wicca: Finding Common Grounds

Is being a Christian and a Wiccan at the same time possible?

Yes and No.

Against the backdrop of the Christian Bible – cover to cover – no. Not in the very least.

If viewed against the backdrop of the New Testament only – yes. As much as it is possible to be a Dianic Wiccan or a Celtic Wiccan. But … and this is a serious BUT … there are some limitations: Although many of the principles of the teachings of Jesus can be used, a selective approach would be necessary to consolidate the new religion of Christianity with the ancient religion of Witchcraft.

Some of the irreconcilable factors between Wicca and Christian Wicca

The Satan and the Hell concepts – This dogma is completely irreconcilable with Wicca. (1) In Wicca there are no absolutes. There is light and dark; good and bad; positive and negative; in other words there is polarity in nature and, by default, in everything contained within nature Herself. This means that anything lacking polarity is contrived – and that would encompass the concept of Satan. Put simply, Wiccans do not believe in its existence. (2) Hell-fire and brimstone is not part of the Wiccan belief system. Mess up once and be doomed forever is not accepted. Reincarnation offers an opportunity to learn or to fix things, so to speak. Fixing problems that cannot be fixed by reincarnation is not dealt with by destruction. But that is an entirely different and lengthy discussion. Suffice to say that Wiccans do not believe in Hell.

Jesus as Savior and the concept of Sin – Wiccans do not believe that people are born in Sin, meaning that they do not believe that a child inherits the spiritual transgressions of his or her forebears. Free will affords every person the opportunity to make decisions that will result in either positive or negative consequences. The death of one will not eradicate the negative consequences for all. Some Wiccans feel that this notion is similar to human sacrifice and as such, an abomination.

Evangelizing – Wiccans don’t recruit and they don try to convert others to the Wiccan faith. Both are anathema. Wiccans believe that there are many paths and that these all lead to Deity. Each person chooses his or her own.

Some of the common factors between Wicca and Christian Wicca

Love thy neighbor – If both Christianity and Wicca are defined in the broadest sense, i.e. Christians are those who practice love toward one another and Wiccans are benevolent humans who influence others only with their permission and knowledge, then both practice good actions and feelings toward all others.

The Trinity – The God and the triple Goddess of Wicca can be reconciled with the trinity of Christian faith. Some tweaking may be necessary though.

Magick – Jesus’ miracles and the magic in Wicca are not dissimilar. Both make use of nature and spirit to bring about change.

Some other similarities – Both have rituals, both pray, both use candles, both make use of altars and both use incense.

To conclude

Probably the best way to reconcile the two systems is not to view them as contradictory, but to attempt to understand the basic concepts of each and to identify where they mesh easily. Those facets or doctrines which seem to clash can be reviewed in the light of what you DO accept as fact. One place to start is to determine whether you can accept the concept of a Power greater than yourself. If you believe in a creative Power outside yourself, then it would seem to follow that you can call upon that Power and expect help and guidance.

There are probably as many variations between the practices of those who consider themselves Christian Wiccans as there are grains of sand in a bucket. It being true that both Christian and Wiccan claim to hold love and respect for others, then perhaps the fundamental practice of both tenets should be tolerance towards one another’s beliefs, instead of arguments, heated debates and acrimonious words.

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