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Trinitarian Wicca is the name of a new tradition of Wicca religion. This faith is also called Christian Wicca since it includes the Christian Pantheon and the Goddess-inclusive Wiccan traditions as well. As the world evolves, people find ways to get closer to the power that is the sum of all of us living beings.
However, in the Trinitarian path, the Patriarchal teachings and practice of the Christian religion are not accepted. In the tradition of Wicca, Trinitarians observe the eight Sabbats and the thirteen esbats. Similar to the original Wicca, Trinitarian Wicca upholds the Rede for all.
In a way, Trinitarian Wicca attempts to include Christian Trinity and other valuable concepts of Judeo-Christian religions such as discarding the negative concepts such as inclusivity, non-believers going to “hell”, judgments against human beings for their sexuality or orientation, etc.
A judging religion will soon be a religion of the past. As the world changes, religions need to change with it. If they are stuck by the wayside, people will move on, but the stubborn priests and mullahs will be left behind. Just as the names of God and goddess changed through the millenniums, all religions need to adapt and understand that the will of the people will prevail. In that vein, abhorred concepts such as the “original sin” (for being born) “salvation only for Christians”, baptism, concepts of hell and heaven only for Christians, and Satan have no place in Trinitarian Wicca either.
It was in 1999 that Christian Wicca began to be mentioned and discussed on Yahoo groups. As the idea grew, people got interested and by the year 2002, this movement was named Trinitarian Wicca tradition. The idea that Wiccans can use the good concepts of Christianity while discarding the detested and negative concepts encouraged many who assumed that there was no middle path for the two religions. The ignorantly and adamantly patriarchal Christian religion could not grasp the fact that women were as important (or more) than men in this world. After almost a millennium of Christian domination and proselytizing, it was time to come back to Earth where women and men were controlling the world.
To compare the concepts, the Bible considers the Moon is an important cosmic symbol which signifies the female principle while the Sun denotes the male principle of the term “God”. Trinity candles may be used with red color for Jesus, white for God and black color for Goddess. Silver and silver colored items are very important in Trinitarian Wicca.
As in regular Wicca, The Casting of the Circle is very important. It should be 9 feet in diameter, as nine is the number of the Goddess, and the numerical value assigned to the moon.
Pre- ceremony preparations include purification bath with white roses, attunement tea with Red raspberry leaves, Anointing with Moon Oil with sandalwood incense and a Moonstone or Amethyst as gem accompaniments.
Most of the rituals such as assembling the ritual altar, consecrating the altar, Casting the Esbat circle, Casting the circle, Assembling the quadrants, Invocation of the Goddess, statement of purpose, etc are similar to regular Wicca although many Christian powers such as Holy Spirit, Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene are also included in the proceedings.
Many Christians are being attracted to the simple but powerful world of Wicca. Similarly some of the Wicca practitioners who formerly were Christians may miss the presence of powerful figures of the Bible and would appreciate some connection to it.
After all, religions are man-made and we as individuals have every right to change them in order that they may remain inspiring and attractive to all while making our planet the best it can be.

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