How can you tell if you’re a blood witch?

Sounds like more Hollywood to me. Blood witch as if others in your family were witches and you inherited some psychic ability? Hard to tell. Wicca was so underground for so long out of necessity and to escape persecution that most of our ancestors who practiced would have been very secretive about it. Some covens use blood to bind themselves together as a family, but the practice is losing ground as we understand the problems with blood born pathogens, so the practice is fast becoming outdated.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    I wanna know if Witch Hazel hurts witches because I grow witch hazel and everytime I go to harvest it it burns me
    My friend also claims she is a witch and she cant touch the witch hazel either
    If you think you are a witch I strongly advise you not to touch Witch Hazel as it may leave burn marks on you skin

  2. katie says:

    I have always felt special or very powerful im some way. One day me and my sister started wondering about wicca and witches so we googled it and their was a spell for health and my grandpa had something undefined on his heart and me and my sister did it together and and the undefined thing on his heart went away the doctors said it was a merical i havent done a spell in the meantime. and i always know things before they happen and me and my friend are going to try rutiuals…Anyone can related what has happens to me e-mail me. [email protected]

  3. jace lefevers says:

    i can relate to everyone i was being bullied by this boy in my school and he made me mad so i walked away and i tried to freeze the whole class like the show charmed piper halliwell but suddenly the bully was on the floor i was freaked but the weird thing was it was detention so there was only me and him the teacher was writing on the board and we were standing. i was very freaked i started laughing then he whispered something and my throut was feeling tight as if it was in a knot it really hurt my mom never believed me but she does magical rituals all the time she is even in a coven. well thankx for your time..

  4. egzon says:

    I always had a feeling that i was special.I always had a weak form of premonition.i also had like a teleporting if i forget something at home and im at school i would look all over my book bag and not find it.then ill look agian and its their.i remember before i left to school a few days ago i left my paper when i went to school.then when i came home i looked at the table and was so mad i lost it.then i looked at my book bag and it was their.i think i have a kinda of futer power like imagies come to my head.i also have like a telaporting power like telekinetic orbing.weard right. am i which i think so ?

  5. olivia jo says:

    i think i might have a familiar. Its an light-orange stray cat that what ever house i move to it appears.

    sometimes when i am in one room and i want to be in another room, and i cant dicide which room to be in, a shiver fills my hole body and i go a little num for about a second. i have experienced this for as long as i can remember. now i am thinking it is a sort of astral projection or telaportation.

    when i was age 5-7 i saw my grandpa and my moms old cat i must of been about 3 years old when i went to a certin beach i saw a little boy with a beach ball way way out in the ocean. that went on untile i was about 6 years old.i am turning thirteen soon and i see spirits every single day of my life.i think it is a great pleasor to see things alot of people can not.

    i once bought a hanging scrying crystle, and where ever direction i wanted it to move it moved.

    one thing is really bad is if i start getting bad vibes from a friend they stop being my friend or we have a fight.

    if i forget something at my house or somewhere i alot of times know before i leave. it very much comes in handy.

    i astral project in my dreams so much.

    lately i here my mom singing or saying something when she is really saying somthing in her head. i was riding my bike about 2 months ago and i heared my mom calling for me. after screaming im coming about 5 times i rode back to my house and asked my mom why she was yelling for me. she told me that she wasnt calling for me, but that she was worried about me riding my bike when it was get dark out. i must of looked like a crazy person.

    i also remember some of my past lives. when i was really little i love egypttology. i even told my mom that i thought i was half cat the the sphynks. i have a what i think is a memory that i was stuck in a huge sinking vesle, i remember swiming to the serfice and seeing nothing but ocean.

    on ocation i think of my self as a wolf (which is my power animal) an not a person at all

    am i a witch

  6. Angel says:

    Gwendolyn, I dont know whats happening to you or to myself as a matter of fact. If your telling the truth then you are very powerful. Run. i dont know why im telling to to run i didnt even mean to write it. just do it. plant the blue flower. protect yourself gwedolyn. read about wicca. run.

  7. Zoe Nixon says:

    Hi I would like to know if I am cause weired stuf has been happoning to me and I’m not quite sure how to explain them can you tell me a help full free website with family trees

  8. LuLu says:

    I don’t know if you’d call this witch like abilities, but ever since I can remember, I’ve always been able to somewhat contact with the decease, especially in my dreams. My first experience was when I was 3 and my grandfather passed away. It wasn’t through a dream, but I remember it like yesterday. My mother was crying on a fence post at the grave yard after they lowered my grandfather’s body, and I went over to see what was wrong with her asking her “mommy why are you crying, grandpa is right there”. I just remember he looking at me with big eyes, and then saying, “it’s okay sweet heart, we all miss grampy”. A few years went by, I was between the ages of 6-7 when we moved into a new house. I never had ‘night terrors’ until we moved into this house. Always kicking and screaming every night. My parents would come in and try to wake me up, but I wouldn’t. They would stay until the screaming would stop, and the next morning they would ask if I was okay, and if I had a really bad nightmare, I wouldn’t remember a thing. I also recall seeing a shadow of a body. If you ever open your eyes in pitch black it is almost static like, and I would always see and outline of a human body in just pitch black. I never really thought much of it, just thought it was a figment of my imagination. Then it was a few weeks before we were going to be moving out of the house when my mother had saw this man in a rocking chair wearing a red and black checkered jacket. She flipped out asking my dad if he had saw the man, and he didn’t recall seeing anything. The next day my mother went to go see our neighbors who has lived there forever asking who had lived the house before use. Come to find out, there was a man who had lived there who had always wore a red and black checkered jacket who would always sit in a rocking chair. The catch is, he LOVED children. Who would have thought in his after life he would be terrorizing them. But my most resent experience was right after my other grandfather passed away. It was 5 days after my 17th birthday. He had cancer, and because of the medication and therapy, it created his bones to become weak and he ended up breaking his hip bone and after that everything had gone down hill. He went to a hospital type home and my father, sister and I went to visit him after he got settled in. His memory had been shot, so he couldn’t remember my sister, my dad, or even my grandmother, but he remembered me, and about how I was going to be leaving for college. Then we left soon after and I was the last one to give him a hug good bye. He died early in the morning after that visit. That night, I had a nightmare of my grandfather coming to me. It wasn’t pleasant to me, but he gave me a report card type paper on my life. Telling me I better do better in life, and not screw up. Sounded like something he would say, but even after his funeral I still got nightmares of him. Of his dead body, and of him chasing me. It was very unpleasant. I will never forget them. I still get them every now and then, but not nearly as much as I did when he first passed away.

    But other than dreams I can feel/sense spirits around me. I can especially feel a change in the environment, deceased and alive humans. I’ve also have tried different spells and they worked like a charm for me. I’m able to call and push spirits away from me, and can tell when they are good and bad. Also, I can always tell when something is going to go good or bad with other people or myself. Would you call this witch craft?

  9. LuLu says:

    Also, I’ve had my past, future, present, love life, ect read through terro cards, and every person who has done a reading on me said that my soul/spirit and mind are very easy to read, and I’ve had a few people who have wanted to do full body readings on me because I’m so easy to read. Could this be why spirits come to me?

  10. keith says:

    i tried tio cast a spell on my enemy before…not knowing if it would wor…but it DID work…but on the wrong person…and i had premonitional dreams since i was a kid… i can also read peoples minds and also,i can tell if theyre lying…but only if theyre near or if i can see them in personal….and i always feel like im being watched so there are times when it freaks me out to be alone…

  11. lily says:

    iv always been different fron my mom and my dad and my sister im the youngest one out of 2 and i have 9 different genes i just wounder if there r anymore in me i would like to no how to find that out if someone could help me?

  12. crystal says:

    i was young when this happened and it still does. i can hear a ringing in my ear first i just started to ignore it but it started to happen more often. when i was little i had this dream about something chasing me and my family. ive had that dream for years and every time it would become more clear. it wasnt chasing me it was chasing the people that hurt me before. and one day i woke up feeling something wierd like something had just happened but instead i heard voices telling me to do stuff. when i was in the 2nd or 3rd grade some one was bulling me and all of a sudden he was on the ground all i remember was saying something. even now i still feel things watching me every where i go. if this is happening to u can u please tell me wats happening?

  13. Fariha says:

    okay so
    i get dreams of the next day and they actually come true.
    then one day i got so mad at one person in my head i wished she could have a huge cut in her hand and then in a couple of minutes if came true she got a huge cut in her hand.
    Then one day me and my parents were outside with my baby sister who’s 2 yrs old. ( this was yesterday June 11, 2011 ) I saw a black cat. And then in my head i wished tht it would start coming 2 me and it actually did. That was fun and also kind of creepy.
    Then another day i have sumthing like a vision tht my mom was gonna scream at me, but then i tried my best to not make tht come true but it did lol. and i knew the exact words tht she was going 2 say.
    and watever i sometimes wish for or want it to happen it does happen.

  14. Soleil says:

    I agree with so many of you. I and my friend, Ailidh, went to my grandma’s house this summer for my birthday. Me and her are so alike in so many ways. We could actually be sisters, though we look different. We both love to read, and she and her mother found some books that were based on people who found out that they were “blood witches”, who had magick powers, and they turned out to be some incredible strong witch that either saved the world or their town from destruction. It may sound dramatic but it’s actuallty quite interesting. Anyway, back to the story. . .
    When we went to my grandma’s, we stayed a whole week. Since my grandma has a in ground pool in the back we went swimming every evening. One of Ailidh’s friends, that i met when we all spent the night at Ailidh’s house, was explaining something about the five elements: Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Spirit. She said everyone represents an element and sometimes people were lucky to represent more than one. She represented Fire. Ailidh represented Air and Earth. I represented Fire and Water. She told us (i think) that when air, earth, fire, and water are combined, they make Spirit. So that means that when me and Ailidh were together, we could make the element Spirit. We thought about that while we were swimming at my grandparents’. It was her idea that we test it out to see if we really represented the elements that her friend told us we did. She told me to test out the element Water. The two jets that were in the pool made waves. So, i tried to calm it around me, and i did. I made a circle around me that was completely still, while the rest of the pool was moving. Next, was Ailidh’s turn, the element of Air. It was humid and hot out. We were waiting for a breeze to come through almost all day, but the air was completely still. She concentrated for a moment, then there was a breeze. . .and then a stronger breeze. . .then an even stronger breeze. . .but after that, the air was still again. We thought it was creepy and fun at the same time. Since i was Fire, we were going to wait until we got inside to test it out on a candle. We i got the chance i got a candle and looked into it for a while. Then, i saw a rainbow of colors. I wasn’t sure what that meant so i just let it go. The next day we tested Earth. I would get a small rock and put it somewhere on the bottom of the concrete pool. She would have to find it without looking. And she always got it. Then the creepy thing, that night, one day before we left for back home, we felt something upstairs with us. A tiny toy train moved, Ailidh kept seeing shaddow walking everywhere, I kept hearing things, my camera screen broke when i hadn’t even used it (it showed half of a picture), and when we finally got scared enough to go downstairs, we heard someone or something pacing back and forth like it was waiting for us upstairs where we were. That’s not the only thing that happened and that i would like to share, but there are some things that i don’t want anyone else to to know. And before i go, i just have one question on my mind. . .
    Are there really “blood witches” out there who can do things that most people have never even seen before? Is there really “magick” out there?
    I’d like to know. . .

  15. monica says:

    so…i had premonitional dreams that happen since i was a kid.i felt someone was watching me…and now that im 13,i can also read minds….after dreaming, i feel the same thing i had dreamt…….could it be that theres really things such as witches,and etc?

  16. Dylee says:

    either everything that you all say is a load of sht just to interest people, or you’re freakin awesome! Learn how to use the ‘powers’ that most of you have… heaps of people (me) would kill for powers like that!!!!!!! =D

  17. eve says:

    to confused! You cannot be an EVIL wiccan because the wicca rule is ‘harm none” read it!

  18. xavier says:

    wel to start i was never “normal” wen i was little i could comunicate with ghost then as i got older clocks n electical things would disfunction around me ive always had a green thumb anyways around the age of ten my mother would take us somplace without telling us were but somhow i would always know i can make a candle burst into flames, ive made the trees more healthy ive made wind calm n ive made water part for me on the ground idk if im imaging things or wat i am im am now 12 n iv been drawn to magic every time ive done somthing i guess magical i feel a tug in my stomache please help me

  19. marleigh says:

    ok, so ever since i started reading chapter books, then fiction books, i got into “spiritual stuff” u might say. and my mom thought it was very cool tht i was interested in tht im older, and wierd stuff started happening. odd jewelery appering in my jewelery box, wierd siritual magizines showing up in the mailbox, i even started having urges to ask so many different questions i couldnt think straight without a question popping up! and i can feel in my heart and soul a am a witch. but my mind started doubting it! idk wat to do!!!!i now have an altar, and a book of shadows, and books, and i feel this tug in my stomache tht im so close! i need help. someone who went thru wat i am now. i am 12 now going on 13 this november. i need help!

  20. curiously says:

    My friends and i…we’re…diffrent. i guess thats how you can put it.My closest friend claims to be a werewolf and I bielieve her.My other friends say their that or a vampire.Some im not sure if i beileive but im the odd one of our little group.I’ve always been able to say what someone was thinking or know what there going to say.Many think its a coincadent but i dont believe in those.Im also very good with animals.The seem to like me as soon as they see me.But latly more than ever its like my rooms charged with energy and i’ll wake up to see shadows moving along my ceiling.Im kinda worried that theres a negitive intaty in my house along with our good ghost.My friends think im a bit…insane.But i need answers and help. please if u can help email me at [email protected] thank you

  21. tagered says:

    ok so iknow thers alot of ppl on here tht say o ya this happns an tht happns but this rlly happns to me iknow wen my fends r gona call befor thy call if i thnk of a song in my head it comes on th radio almost emeditaly i hav faint dreams i cant remebr tht dnt make sence thn days o hours latr it mak sence a happns then if im talkn bout smthin tll come on tv one time i was talking to y bros bf an we wer talkn bout how staving we wer an then a hotdog commercial came on then almost emediatly lke on cue my mom walkd in with hotdog buns and hoogs for dinner then 1 time me an my frend i hand seen in 3 years said the same sentcnces 9 diffrnt times tht nigt at the same time an we ddnt know wat was going on i hav glimpses of the future sometims i black out see smthin thn my vision goes back to normal 1 expeience i had was i was in line for a oller coaster an i lov roaller coaster never been afraid of em an so ibent down to ti my shoe wen i was in line an the gates opend an i said mom lets jst wait till the next 1 comes cus i was tien my shoe an s we did an i gess someones seat came loose an they almost fell off so gess wat ride we ddnt ride tht day

  22. Heather says:

    Hi I am twelve yrs old and I think I am a witch. As I grew up my mum told me stories about magick and witches, etc. Now strange things happen to me. My mum told me tht she was a witch. I can sometimes dream what was going the next day, I always have trouble sleeping at night, I am great with animals especially cats and dogs, I always talk to myself thinking someone was listening. Last yr I talked to trees and plants and achually felt as if they replied. I have felt like I was different, like I didn’t belong, like I was strange and special somehow. Please help I don’t know what’s going on.
    Yours sincerely,

  23. linda says:

    In this house i use to live in that i am currently now selling, the lights began flicker on and off sometimes and i couldn’t explain why it did that i mean my parents and friends thought or assumed it was a ghost doing it but that wasn’t the case or at least i don’t think so, and sometimes things move like unexplainably like i don’t move it or anything but just as i am walking away from it, it all of a sudden moves and it scares me a bit. and then what happens to me occasionally or it kind of still does when i dream of something it occurs either a year or a month later and then i feel like i am in a deja vu moment of some kind and i just can’t explain it at all i just can’t and sometimes i feel like i can hear whispers coming into my ear telling me something i can’t understand clearly like and sometimes i think their is someone standing behind me looking at me unnoticably, but when i turn around i see nothing and i don’t know if this is all because i am insane or if this is because of witchcraft ? I dont know if im in the bloodline of being a witch so please someone help me i don’t know what is going on with who i am? p.s. i have a strong connected emotion feelings with animals like i can feel them sadden or angered or scared and i feel empathy to people’s feelings

  24. raeland says:

    so i’ve always had something that has always drawn me too wicca,strange things happen like always know something before it happens, or i’m constantly finishing people’s sentence’s. and my friend she also has strange things happening, like we were on the way to school one moring and she kept saying something wasn’t right and we got to school, and her mom texted her and said her grandparents building had burnt down. she also has many occurring moments of de ja vue also.

  25. raeland says:

    and ps, i have always been very good with animals , mom has also wanted be too be a vet because how animals are so close too me and get attached. and usually when i have a bad feeling about something it usually is something bad happening, and i have always had really good luck with almost everything, too the point that my boyfriend aggravates me of being a witch just joking around.

  26. Miko says:

    Hi,my name is Miko i’m from Japan i’m a half-filipina half-japanese ……i was wondering if you could tell me some ways to know if i’m a witch.My mother has this ability to see things that other person can’t see like ESP,she only see ghosts,not all the times but i usually see her just frozen for second looking in the air like she just saw something at first i didn’t believe her,but then my older sister has the same thing but she didn’t persue it or practice it,unlike my mom she went to a spiritual group where she learn how to communicate with the teacher only with mind,telepathy i think…….her teacher was Johnny Midnight his popular in the Philippines.That person can Astral Project as i heard of.Five years ago me and my little brother has this weird day when we kept saying this neighbours name over and over making fun of it then the next day we heard that,that person got really sick.Four years ago two of my friends visited me and my roomates,i got really pissed off because of this friend who kept teasing me till i got mad and cry,then i kept thinking about his face and how bad karma would surround him that very second,i was filled with anger that night.The next day they called us and apologized to me,at first i didn’t understand why but they explained that when they drove home that night they got lost for almost four hours and got scared,then my roomates said that maybe that was me being so pissed off that night.The next incident was when my friend asked us to go out with her husband whom we just met that night,a few hours later we decided to go home,but her husband was so drunk he picked a fight with my other friend and turned out bad and again i got really mad thinking about her husband and how karma would come to him,one week later he got inprisoned for god only knows why.Then a lot of the same story keep happening.The recent incident is this year of July,me and my friend were dicussing about this friend of ours and his girlfriend and how she is a bad influence to him,specially when they went out and got drunk but she still wants him driving.How dangerous is that.Besides i liked the guy so i thought he should realize that she not worth it,so i thought maybe they have to be in an accident so he’ll realize how bad it is to stay with her………a few weeks later they DID get into an accident no one got hurt but he lost his license and the girl banged her head a little but he has to pay a lot of damage beacause he bump to a pick-up truck full of fruits that are meant to be delivered somewhere i don’t know and the owner was really pissed off.Also my grandmother used to shut me up for i don’t know why but,after a few months of hearing about stories about my family i realize the reason why,she was concentrating so she can reach to my uncles in other countries and make them call her and she’ll ask for money.That always happens when i see her not talking and making me not bother her while she’s doing nothing then suddenly the phone rings.So maybe there is a chance that i’m a witch but is there any ways to know a 100%?Thank you for reading this and will be very happy to see your reply,this is very important to me.Thank you again

  27. Hannah says:

    Hi, Im from Ireland and I have been getting strong feelings telling me to vsit the mountains beside my home, and to find something lioke a stone or something, im just wondering what this could mean, im 22, I also would like to know how to tell if I am a witch.

  28. Brad says:

    hi my name is brad and unlike some people i don’t know if my close relatives practiced magic but i on the ather hand try to. I can tell when we going to crash befor we do and i sem to not get hurt. and sometimes befor we crash it’s like somthing is pulling and pushing the thing i’m on . does that mean anything

  29. I don't wanna say my name says:

    okay, so my siblings and my parents are verry stuck up and dont like witchcraft, or halloween. me? i love everything about those things, sometimes i see 3-d shadows move and they arent being cast, whenever i sing an old song, i turn on the radio and i hear it, ohh and my dreams always come true… even the not so nice ones, once i dreampt that these people i knew, were going to get hurt, and a week later they werein a car accident… does that mean i am a wiccan/witch at all?

  30. K.john says:

    im 12 years old ive neva experience those things lyk d above ppl have mentioned but i jus have a feelin dat i have magical abilities…….idk y but its lyk im odd im jus special,unique dats how i feel..its lyk i jus knw dat im powerful dat i can do anytin……only once i did a spell in skool raisin an object (geometry set) and it worked but i would neva do it again in skool bcuz i was teased and called a bad witch and a demon…..

  31. Johnathan says:

    Hello. I am 22 years old from NY. I don’t know if I am a witch but I do know now that my family has been into the craft. As far as I know my great grandmother was a witch, my grandmother, my uncle, aunts, and my mother. I have been able to see spirits from childhood, not so much now, I’ve seen portals open up, shadows move while in the dark, had clairvoyant-esque dreams, and even thought I was on the verge of becoming an empath. My mother is a strong witch, although I don’t tell her, I can feel it sometimes. I always felt like I had a bigger purpose, like I needed to find something that wasn’t there. I want to be a witch. I want to know if I can be. I sometimes feel as though I am stronger than those before me and I don’t practice at all, not out of neglect but out of lack of knowledge. I feel that life itself is a small branch on a large oak of knowledge I need and want to discover. I also felt a bit lost at some point and finding a strong connection to the theory of magick and wicca was a savior of sorts. My birthday falls on the Winter Solstice. I am on the cusp of Sagittarius & Capricorn. I come from an earth & fire sign. I am an air & water sign. I feel that I have an elemental magick core so to speak. I have dreams of myself with the ability to float long distances rather than levitate. I have had dreams where I believe I was astral projected to a parallel plane of existence where I know the same people at the moment I live in and everything is a bit different. I want to connect. I know I can and believe I will. I rambled alot. Thanks for reading.

  32. sasha says:

    hi, im sasha and I have this feeling like im really close to nature, im really good with animals but im not sure if these are signs that im a witch! my parents are catholic so i dont know if its possible but last year something happened to me, a guys really started pissing me of and making fun of me and I sort of may have said a curse spell and now he hasnt been able to get a girlfriend or anything like that.. i dont know could it be just a coincidence or could it be real magic? can you help me? i have always loved and belived in magic but im unsure can u help me?

  33. Amy says:

    Hi my name is Amy and my family has always been very superstitious. My sister and I have had the ability to see and feel things other can not. I have a little girl who follows me I don’t know who she is only that she is not alive. I can touch a person and tell if their intentions are honest and true. I have always felt a draw to the wiccan world but being raised as a pentecostal has always kept me from it. I am no longer in that religion but am afraid to embrace what I feel. Could I be a blood witch?

  34. Estefany says:

    Hi i have been wondering why each and every single one of my dreams come true i see everything through my dreams before they happen. also i do know that my great grandma was a white witch and my mom and grandma experience the same thin i do. it is only my dreams that shock me sometimes its impressing how everything happens. i was curious and i went to a psychic and she asked me if i knew my family? i answered yes and shes like do you know where they come from? and since then i have been confused i dont know what she meant by that and i would like to know!!

  35. sasha
    you must know that not everyone can be a witch but you are one. i can answer any question you have… kit (keep in touch)

  36. Tiffany says:

    Hi.. im 16 years old and i have dreams and see these dreams arent normal i have had dreams where they come true not anything bad just things also numbers in them too… and you see ive seen my past life before…i was wondering what is going on with me.,. its all too weird.. i keep telling my mom to play the lottery for those numbers and its been happening my dreams since i was in 3rd grade.

  37. ETG says:

    hola,muy buenos dias,
    soy española, y me gustaria hacerle una pregunta
    soy una persona que hasta ahora todo lo que e deseado lo e conseguido,
    me considero la persona mas feliz de la tierra
    pero desde hace 3 años,no me encuentro nada bien,tengo depresion,y e llegado a intentar suicidarme
    en mi familia politica hay una persona que solo le desea cosas malas a todo el mundo incluido su familia es una persona amargada,el me dice que soy bruja y yo creo que lo soy pero el dice que todo lo malo que pasa en la familia es culpa mia incluso los fallecimientos
    -mi pregunta es¿como puedo quitarme el mal de ojo que me ha hechado a mi y toda la familia?
    naturalmente que no le haga daño a nadie
    -no sé si podria contestarme,pero de todas formas muchas gracias por todo

  38. V.L.W says:

    hi i’m 14. i’ve alway’s known i could do weird thing’s. my mother is different from other people’ when she was younger she was at work. she was angry at her boss and screamed at him. your gonna have a heart attack some day. a couple week’s later he died from a heart attack? my mother forbid’s me from doing witch craft. i’m related to a very powerful dark magician i guess. Alister Crowley or something like that. i have no idea how to spell it. anyway i knew i was alway’s a bit different. sometimes when i get angry at someone they get hurt all of a sudden? i tried magic the other day. i called on Benedida or what ever her name was, to find my birth stone. i found it a couple minutes later? i’m related to people who can see the future. if i am a witch? can you tell me? and if i have evil magic inside of me i wanna know how to stop it? i know this sound’s stupid but it’s true? p.s if i help’s i’m a virgo. my birth stone is a blue sapphire. i was born September 21st. 1997? thank you if you can help me?

  39. V.L.W says:

    i know my story isn’t as important as the other’s but please take to time to read mine.
    thank you.

  40. venus says:

    so, my grandmother…..hides it well but theres something weird about her, she knows when things are about to die, and has recently been organising her own funeral……. and i have this …like thing , where i can… ….. well flowers just change my mood totally and when i am close to nature or something, i can make other people feel what i feel….. type thing….. its just really weird coz if im angry, i can give them a look or something and i’ll find out later they hit someone….. i can be uneasy, and all of a sudden they are really shy or something…….

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