Complete History of Witchcraft

Witchcraft is as old as Planet Earth itself. In some parts of Africa, Lunar God Thoth is believed to have invented Magick as well as writing in Ancient Egypt. Since Africa is widely believed to be the cradle of Earth based civilization, it is “likely” that the religion based on nature would be created in the most important area of the world at that time.

Egypt, to be exact, Alexandria, was built in the crossroads of many trade routes. Alexandria was the capital of Egypt for over a thousand years. The traders from India, China and parts of Europe came to Alexandria for buying and selling goods. As merchants of all cultures merged and discussed life, they exchanged various methods of and spirituality as well. However, other civilizations such as the Mayan and other North American civilizations were also probably flourishing around those times (3000 – 2000 BC).

The basics of Magick is believed to have been born in Alexandria as it was a melting pot for the wonderful ideas that were born in the melting pot of the world such as:
1. Purification, Grounding and centering
2. Meditation and Mindfulness
3. Reaching the sacred space in our heart and spirit
4. Hekau – the art and science of Sound and Silence (absence of sound)
A Plethora of Goddesses and Gods were there to help with the transformation of human life including Goddess Isis who inspired Egyptians to use magick to transform their spirits and to develop ancient wisdom. Magick is believed to be the science of Earth’s hidden powers. For most people on Earth, magick is a natural way of life. The inherent energy radiating from the Earth as well as from all living things is called by various names such as Heka, Ashe, Mana, Baraka, Prana, etc. This energy is used in many of life’s mysteries including Astrology, Feng Shui or Vastu, Reiki and all sorts of prayers and petitions including magick.

As people began to practice witchcraft, many of the spells were more malefic purposes. The smart ones noticed that for every negative or malefic spell, there was an equal or more return to our “action”. Just as we are now aware that what goes up must eventually come down, Magick also had a similar theme – what you do comes back to you, sometimes more than once. This theme is repeated through the Universe regardless of time, movement or action.

Withcraft had evolved into beneficial or detrimental actions by many people who weren’t aware of the results of such behavior. In certain parts of the world, people began to practice magick for the sole intent of hurting others or taking revenge on their enemies. In Africa, many deities evolved such as Jengu (Deity of water spirits), Waaq (Universal Supreme Deity) Jah, Ngai (Supreme God), Mwari, Musikavanhu, Ayaba, Yoruba deities such as Ogoun, Obatala, etc. Each of these deities were in charge of certain causes such as deity for disease, messengers between human and divine, Female deity of creation, deity of iron, war, labor, creator of the Universe, etc.

In India too, Vedic texts enabled people to understand that human beings are also born with all the powers of deities and that people could easily become powerful by focusing on their own spirits. Meditation enabled Indians to see the world as it is – a beautiful creation in which every living thing is equally powerful as the Gods themselves. As witchcraft in India flourished, the gypsies spread this gospel to foreign lands.

The theme of magick or witchcraft is that each individual is responsible for their actions and consequences. In other words, we reap what we sow. Although magick is not a religion, most man-made religions have incorporated some magick into their rituals.

When the Europeans and Americans invaded Africa and forcefully captured the inhabitants to work as slaves, these innocents brought their own version of magick to all the places they were forced to move to. As a result, magick spread to the rest of the world. Native Americans also had their own indigenous form of magick which was almost destroyed by Americans and their Christian missionaries. However, thanks to the tireless efforts of some of the witches, Native American magick, African magic as well as other indigent forms of magick thrives to this day.

Most countries in the world have some form of magick for those who do not believe in giving up their inherent powers to priests, padres or mullahs. Fortunately, the world has enough benevolent people to uphold the simplicity of life and give back the power to the people in every way.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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