Considering becoming wicca?

As Wicca is the fastest growing religion in many parts of the world, it is only normal that many people may be considering joining this amazing and peaceful religion which respects the natural way of life.
Most people in the world go to their places of worship to sit around on chairs or on the floor while a sermon or speech about the wicked ways of the world drones on and on. If you ask most people in a congregation at these “holy” places, most of them will say that they are bored out of their mind and that it is the wife or some maternal figure who forces them through this every week.
Religion will work only when the individual feels that it is necessary. Dressing up to sit or snore for hours in a jam packed hall every weekend may be the last thing that most people want to do when they have some time away from work. However, the fear of God’s wrath keeps them returning every week. It is so unfortunate that the three largest religions in the world work by threatening their flock and fighting each other rather than inspiring and encouraging them to get personally in touch with divinity without the interference of the middle man or priests.
Most people know that the priest they confess to may probably be more sinful than the typical churchgoer. Unfortunately, the fear of God’s wrath is so etched in the minds of the congregation that they do not have the courage to try another religion which offers freedom from threats, rules and punishments that the three major religions thrive in.
Many of these priests and padres know that instilling fear in the name of God is not the way the human race was created to be. However, it has been the rhetoric for centuries and so no one has the courage to stand up to this ridiculous way of dealing with spirituality. Instead of choosing a positive way to encourage spirituality, they find threatening ways to scare people into submission. In all of these religions, women have very few rights because these three religions assume the god can only be a man.
In the midst of all this confusion regarding priests, celibacy, child abuse, tithing, proselytizing, forced conversions, conversions where gifts are given to encourage people, women covered with black cloth with nets on their face or women who are not allowed to go to a place of worship, visions of an a place called hell and another called heaven etc., this rhetoric only adds to the confusion of the people who easily forget to enjoy all of the wonderful things that the world offers them today on this beautiful Earth for all living things, not just for males.
Many people who are disillusioned are ready to jump away from the war mongering religions to one that is gentle, natural and empowering all regardless of where they were born, what gender they are or which country they live in. “Witchcraft” may be a negative name for those who prefer greed and power. However, more and more people are being attracted to those gentle religions like witchcraft that include Wicca, Hinduism and other such peaceful religions in which everything on Earth is sacred.
Before the Judeo-Christian religions desecrated the word “witch”, all natural religions depended on a witch healer who would be the advisor who informs others on what to do when we have a problem whether it dealt with health, money, travel or other subjects. Africa, the cradle of civilization was the first, naturally, to follow this pagan or natural path. It was a time when people were struggling to survive from the harsh elements of the world they suddenly came into.
As the natives learned more about the power of nature and the beneficial ways in which it supports us, Nature religions flourished all over the world. With Egypt as the center of civilization where the trade routes from the northern European tribes and the western , eastern and northern parts of Africa as well as the rest of the world, natural religions found a place. With Hinduism gaining foothold and preaching the language of peace which was based on Sanatana Dharma or the treatise on how all humans (yes, women and animals too!) are part of God, people began to realize that each individual was not just a devotee of God, but an image of God herself (or himself).
Higher minds were at work encouraging the masses to get more spiritual and to understand how Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, has provided for each and every living being on earth. It is this magickal connection that we have with nature and other living things that is most missing in the Judeo-Christian religions. Unfortunately, the Judeo Christian religions are disgusted by certain animals and do not consider them as part of God. In some countries, children and adults abuse animals (sometimes even their own pets!) believing incorrectly that animals do not have souls. People in many of the countries that have no problem shooting and killing animals for fun! Go to any animal shelters and we will be reduced to tears seeing the horrible attacks these innocent beings have suffered at the hands of those who believe it is okay to maim, torture or kill them. These children grow into future criminals that are the woe of society.
The only way to honor our planet Earth and appreciate Her bounty is to preserve, protect and grow more with her help. Mentally and spiritually, this is the only way to live a wonderful life which encourages beauty, love and kindness for all. In a world divided, Wicca is a breath of fresh air that unites people of all nationalities and faiths to see the world as One. Instead of a patriarchal God, we see and revere the beauty within all Beings, regardless of what they look like.
Wicca accepts all. She doesn’t scare any of us with threats of Hell or the later addition “Purgatory”. Instead, Wicca accepts the rules of the Universe which is believed to the all pervading entity that rules our lives. The main rule of Wicca is that what you do is returned to you three-fold. This applies to good deeds as well as negative deeds. This concept is similar to the Karma discipline in Hinduism. Also, this enables each human being to be responsible for all they think, say and do.
Wiccan practitioners are kind, loving people who will help others without any strings attached. Every human being is enabled to have a one-on-one relationship with the Goddess (or God). It is a fresh perspective from the old patriarchal Gods and their male heir dynasties that has kept many innocent people wondering why no one can pray to a female Goddess.
It is time to see the current Judeo-Christian religions as a dividing and destructive way to connect with the divine. Indeed, in a few decades, we will see Wicca and other peaceful religions making way though the vast areas of land where the three powerful religions made war and perished. As people understand and practice Wicca and similar Natural ways of life, all inhabitants of Earth will be nourished physically and spiritually.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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