Crystal Pendulum Dowsing

Divination is the magickal art of receiving information about the future. Using tools, a person or diviner reveals hidden information that is already there in the Universe. This art also helps us understand the connections between past and future events as well. Divination is also called the “mantic” arts and the word in Greek for diviners is “mantikos” or “prophet”. As a result of this root word, most forms of divination are include the word “mancy” such as Alectromancy using roosters, Bibliomancy using the Bible, Ceromancy using melted wax, Dactylomancy using a ring, Tephramancy using soot and ashes from fire, Lampadomancy using a lamp, Daphnomancy using bay leaves, Lychnomancy using candles, Molybdomancy using melting wax, Ophiomancy using snakes, Sideromancy using heated iron, etc.
Crystal pendulum dowsing is another method by which anyone can see their future. This method uses the power of quartz crystals along with the ability to read signals from beyond. For this purpose, all we need is a crystal which is suspended by a cord. Instead of holding the thread in our hands, it is better to use a chain or a plumb bob so that our hand movements will not affect the end result.
Using Crystal pendulums, one can channel the subconscious to receive answers to our perennial questions. If you don’t have a crystal pendulum, you may use a long chain with a pendant or create one for this purpose.
The first step is to calibrate our instrument so that we will know what the answers mean. To do this, hold the crystal and chain and ask it simple questions such as “is it Monday today?” so that you will understand the Yes and No answers. Try a few more questions and tally the correct answers. If you are confused, meditate for some time requesting the Universe to assist you in this event.
When you have a clear idea as to the connection between the pendulum movements and its significance, you may start asking questions. Remember to keep your mind inert so that you will not be injecting any emotions or solutions to the questions.
Pendulum dowsing is a simple and yet profound way of finding our answers with the help of the Universe. As human beings we are deeply aware of the path of our life or lives. However, we are blinded by the magick or “maya” or daily life on Earth and we may not remember who we are and what powers we already have.
You may use the pendulum dowsing methods to:
1. Find a lost item
2. Determine the best job to apply for
3. Decide to get married
4. If the person you are about to marry is the right one
5. Let go of a job
6. Move to a new house
7. Go on a trip
8. Flight/car or other means of transportation
9. To resolve difficult choices such as to put money in the bank or invest it on the market
10. Any other dilemma of your choice.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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