Discovery of lucid dreaming

Early Egyptians may have discovered the dreams and symbols that are transmitted through dreams. They believed that human body was composed of three parts – Shat, the corpse body, Ka the living body and Ba the soul which was believed to have the ability to float above us. The discovery of lucid dreaming is attested to Tibetan Buddhists in the eighth century AD. They have been practicing Lucid Dreaming (which they called Dream Yoga) for thousands of years. Many other civilizations have probably been aware of the difference stages of sleep and the strange yet exciting world of Lucid Dreaming. Although many people are aware of the advantages and adventures of Lucid Dreaming, most people do not discuss it or try to find out more about it as there is so much controversy about leaving the body at night when there may be astral souls in search of an empty/sleeping human body. However, with practice, one can easily enter the fascinating world of Lucid Dreaming and enjoy the wonderful adventures that are to be seen and experienced. Also, using these Lucid dreaming techniques, one can get rid of many fears such as fear of heights, fear of animals, fear of meeting new people, etc.
A dream can be called Lucid when the person who is experiencing the dream is aware that it is a dream. In other words, the human body is in a state of deep sleep while the human spirit is awake and flying off to exotic adventures. Some people can even direct the dream using their own imagination. To get into lucid dreaming, one has to be completely relaxed physically and mentally. It is best if your body is going to sleep and you can keep your mind alert. This may be strange to hear, but with practice, it is possible. To get to this state, it is good to know meditation or other mind calming exercises. There are also many tapes available that will quickly bring us to that state using music, chants or other sounds. As the body relaxes, the active mind relaxes and the mindless chatter that fills our senses reduces to a few random thoughts. If we hear a sound such as a telephone ringint or our cell phone buzzing, we immediately are back in the room and our attention is completely on our physical surrounding. To get into the dream state quickly, one has to be calm and quickly return to the lucid dreaming state.
When you reach the state where you’ll see patterns or colors, focus on the dream world as it evolves in your awareness. At times, you may hear voices, echoes or other sounds in your head. Keep the relaxed mood and enjoy it like a movie in progress. When you are sufficiently relaxed, you will be very close to having a successful “wake induced Lucid Dream”. This technique may allow you to enter a lucid dream directly from waking state. Make sure that you do not have out of body experiences as there are many dangers in the astral path which you may not be aware of.
The next step is to create a dream scene so that you can actively engage in it and direct it so that you can absorb the almost-there-dream state and to lose all awareness of the body. Naturally, you may sense that you are not sleeping on your bed anymore but you are actively involved in the dream! As soon as your spirit takes over, you will have achieved lucid dreaming. If, at any time, you wake up, continue to meditate and try to reach the relaxed mood that was captured earlier.
At times you may feel vibrations or a loud buzzing sound that can be pretty irritating and which may wake you up. This is a signal that you are very close to the consciousness of dreaming. When you are aware that you are lucid dreaming, nothing can stop you from enjoying the lucid dream.

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