Do love spells really work

Love spells are the most requested of all Wicca spells. And we all know why that is. No one can live in this world without love. We all need someone to love us, need us and be friends with us. There are many kinds of love and most people are happy with just one kind of love, be it the amorous kind, the sisterly or brotherly kind, the friendly one of the motherly love.

Love spells are usually requested for romantic love when someone is feeling lonely or sad. One of the most important rules of life is that our life moves according to our thoughts. If we have a negative outlook, life will always be full of “problems” and “issues”. I am sure you have met people like that in life. They always find the most negative comment to share.

On the other hand, there are people who are always optimistic regardless of the circumstances in their life.
They could have very little money, live in a rented home or with another family, have no job and maybe a few illnesses, and yet, they are always smiling, happy. Do you know why? It is their disposition. They know that life could be worse. Instead of dwelling on their troubles, they “choose” to focus on what works in their life.

Many of us live happily when everything goes well in our life. However, when one thing doesn’t work such as loss of a job or some health problem, our spirits go down, all the way. We wonder what else can go wrong and how you will ever get back to that happy place you were a month ago. Life has a way of changing things without discussing it with us. How dare it, right?

Well, life is all about challenges. So we need to expect them. When challenges arise, we have to think “it’s on its way out”. We just need to coax it out of our life. How do we do that? By using our mental powers! What we need to do is to visualize the way we want our life to be NOW. Even if you just lost your job, your entire being should be focused on the next job – thinking about it, visualizing the new place, imagining your new colleagues, your commute, etc. The more you visualize the faster and with more accuracy it will happen. If you don’t visualize, you may still get a job, but it may not be to your specifications.

Similarly, when you dream of love, you have to come up with the specifications – that is called your love spell. A spell is a list of qualifications and specifications for the future. You may wonder why your dream person has not
shown up yet. Maybe she has (or he has) but you just didn’t recognize her. If you had a vision of what your future partner will be like, it is easy to identify her when a stranger shows up.

Also, Love, similar to all other emotions, is Energy personified. If you wish to get love, you have to give love first. It can be any form of love such as tending to a batch of stray dogs at a shelter or feeding the homeless at a food
bank. Love that you give will come back to you three-fold. Many people have found love in many surprising ways.
The more you believe in your future and think creatively about your prospective life, the faster that dream will materialize.

All spells work if the passion comes from the heart and the intention is sent through the spirit when it is at its highest level. If you try a new love spell with all the new information that you know now, it will become a roaring success that will bring you a partner for life.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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