Druid Spells

The Druids believed that the potential for creation resides in every thing. The spiritual energy that connects us all may be politely requested to aid others. Druids are profoundly respectful of the existence of many beings that have much more powers than themselves and was deeply aware of the vast ocean of knowledge that was still waiting to be discovered.

They also believed that the soul cannot be destroyed in any way. So animal and human sacrifices were practiced in which death was considered merely a beginning to a better way of life.

Here is a ritual that uses mistletoe, one of the most sacred herbs of the Druids:

How to make a protection sachet

White cotton cloth – 7 inches square

1 tablespoon dried mistletoe

1 tablespoon dried basil

1 tablespoon dried Vervain

1 long piece or red string (crochet cotton thread is perfect for this)

Mix the three herbs in an earthenware bowl. Mix them silently with your hands and set aside.

Spread out your cloth on the altar. Gently move the herbs to the center of the cloth. Now bring together the corners and tie tightly with the red thread. When you tie the first knot, chant:

I bind thee to protect this house and all within it!

Knot twelve times more and with each knot, repeat above words.

When you have completed the thirteen knots, stand facing North, holding the magick knife in your strong hand and the sachet in the other. With the tip of the knife pressed against the sachet, say these words:

May this which I have created tonight serve as guardian of this house and all who reside within it. May it serve me well.

Hang it up by its thread, in the highest point in the house.

Blessed Be!

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