Easy Witchcraft Spells

“Learning The Truth” Spell

Magick can bring you the answer to any question you have – especially questions that (when answered) will reveal the truth.

The first of the easy witchcraft spells I am going to show you is a bit more advanced. It is still Intermediate level Magick, but more advanced than others I have revealed.

Not only did I want to give you a highly effective spell for learning the truth, but I wanted to show you what is involved with spells that are a bit more advanced.

Also, this is a good spell to show you, because no harm can come from using it. (even if you are a complete Magick beginner)

Follow the steps carefully, and with your full focus on finding out the truth about your question or problem. This is still an easy spell, but for it to work you must believe that you will discover the truth, and will it to be so while you do this spell.

Here is the spell…

Step 1:

In addition to the items already on your altar, you will need to setup (toward the back of your altar) the following:
- A candle on the left to represent the Goddess (or your female deity)
- A candle on the right to represent the God (or your male deity)
- A censure between them with a blend of money drawing incense
- And a candle to represent yourself, or the one for whom you are trying to find the truth for.
- In addition, you will use other candles for this spell. Here is the layout your altar should have (feel free to keep or include your normal items as well):

Goddess Candle Censure God Candle
White Candle 1
Petitioner’s Candle
White Candle 2 White Candle 3

Step 2:

Light God and Goddess candles, and then light incense. Think hard on the subject about which you wish to learn the truth.

Step 3:

Light petitioner’s candle, thinking of the petitioner and saying:

“This candle I light to represent (name).
It burns as does his/her spirit. It is him/her in all things.”

Step 4:

Light the white candles in order, saying:

“These are the symbols of truth.
They are enjoined about (name)
And to him/her show all truth.”

Then say:

“As I rode in the night ‘cross the brown heath bare,
In the bright moon’s light saw a castle fair;
Lords and ladies, great and small,
Were crowding in, ‘twas a festival;
Grasses in the wind were waving.
They bade me welcome and in I went
To drink their wine to my heart’s content.
I danced and laughed with ladies fair.
Ne’er in my life had I such a cheer;
Grasses in the wind are waving.
Then all at once there came a cry:
Haro by yaro! Asleep fell I,
While a lady dancing at my side
Seemed like a lizard away to glide;
Grasses in the wind are waving.
I woke in the early light of day,
In an olden ruin I did lay,
O’er the rock and into the sun
I saw a green-gold lizard run!
Grasses in the wind are waving.
Now the truth I know and it stays with me,
For I have seen what I did see,
All secret knowledge came to mind,
Borne on the laughter of the other kind;
Grasses in the wind are waving.”

Step 5:

Sit then in quiet contemplation for half an hour. In this time the truth of the subject in question will come to you. Extinguish the candles.

Remember, I have only included a few easy witch craft spells on this site for you to get your feet wet with. Magick is a powerful force, and I don’t want you to take any risks with casting more advanced spells than you are ready for. Using my Witchcraft Home Academy In-A-Box, not only will you learn all of the secrets to controlling Magick energy – but you will get instant access to hundreds of spells (with step-by-step guides, and DVD demonstrations). I just want to make sure you are ready before I turn you loose with advanced spells for Love, Money, Protection, Divination, and much more. There is literally a spell for every desire.

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Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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