Egyptian Magick Supplies

The early dwellers of this planet realized the magical qualities of each and every natural substance. As a result of this realization, the awareness of each individual about the magick that existed around them in the new world increased with each successful magickal experience.
Some of the items required for Egyptian magick are described below:

Natural Botanicals

When human civilization began to dot the different parts of this planet that we call the Earth, magick was evident as the inhabitants tried to make sense of the beautiful and sometimes treacherous land that was so strange to them. As there was no one to advise them on what was beneficial and what was not, the early inhabitants had to test each item and also inform others about whether it was beneficial or detrimental to life.

Beneficial plants and other botanicals became sources of energy that would eventually help keep the living beings happy and thriving. Over the centuries, people began to understand the benefits of each and every item that Nature offered us. Some of these naturalists or witches began to write down this information in their journals. As a result, we have tremendous information about each and every herb that is found on this planet. As people began using herbs to heal themselves, they realized that certain combinations of herbs were more beneficial in certain instances. For example, the combination of Frankincense and Myrrh has been a favorite of witches from early Ages. Other botanical combinations include Adam and Eve roots, Holly and Ivy, etc. Leaves, roots, bark and berries of the botanicals are also used in Witchcraft.

Water – As a source of energy as well as the sustenance for all human beings, water was considered as holy as the Earth itself. For most spells and rituals, holy water was created by charging it with energy. This holy water was then used to cleanse and consecrate the person, the surroundings, the tools and items as well as the sacred circle. To this day, in many places, water mixed with sea salt is used to cleanse almost anything negative or offensive that we come across.

Fire – As another natural source of energy, Fire was used in rituals to cleanse and energize the surroundings. For example, lamps are used to this day as a natural source of light and at the same time, it is used to cleanse the area symbolically. The element Fire may take the shape of candles, lamps, incense, hearth, stove, bonfire, etc. Fire is believed to remove all negativity from the immediate surroundings. It also brings light into our life.

Shells – Natural sea shells are still considered holy and are used for many purposes. They may be made into a talisman, wore as a necklace or hip belt (at times for protecting women when they are pregnant) or as a bracelet or anklet. Large shells can be filled with wax to create candles or to hold items at the Altar. If they have holes, shells are considered even more auspicious. In early times, shells were also used as currency.

Sand – As a representation of our Earth itself, sand has always been considered to be a powerful form of energy. Sand acts as a cushion as we walk along the beach and it protects us from sharp rocks. Sand is actually rock that has been pummeled by Nature for eons so that they become more powerful and yet gentle.

Sea water – The combination of salt and water is considered to be powerful when it comes to magick. This combination is so powerful that it is used for exorcism or removing malevolent entities from our vicinity, especially from our homes.

Grains – All natural grains including rice were very valuable in early times. As a result they were used to represent prosperity throughout the ages. Throwing rice grains at a wedding was one of the earliest customs that was inspired by witchcraft.

In addition to the above natural items, candles, rocks, holey stones, twigs, fruits, paper, honey, natural cloth, etc were used for rituals.

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    I am trying to find out where I can get some incantation papers for Egyptian magick rituals do you know where I can buy some?

    Thank you.

    Gwen Ethridge

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