Experiments for lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming happens when the person is conscious while dreaming. It is believed that those who dream lucidly may be able to navigate through dreams and change its path and progress. This is a shamanic art and only people with a strong meditative disposition can usually attain that state.
Jasmine is believed to enhance the ability to dream lucidly. By placing a Jasmine plant in the bedroom when it is in full bloom, one can easily experience lucid dreams. Another way to help with lucid dreaming is to have a bed-time massage with jasmine oil.
As the person is aware that she is dreaming, Lucid dreams can be very real and vivid. It is believed that the dream initiated lucid dream or DILD begins as a normal dream and the dreamer is slowly aware that it is a dream. However, a wake-initiated lucid dream (WILD) begins when the dreamer is awake and slowly moving to a dream state without any lapse in consciousness.
Scientific research has established the existence and behavior of dream initiated lucid dream as well as the wake initiated lucid dream. The first book that detailed lucid dreams and how to achieve them was authored by Celia Green in her 1968 study “Lucid Dreams”. Green also concluded that Lucid dreams are very different from ordinary everyday type of dreams and also predicted that lucid dreams were linked to the phenomenon of false awakenings where people “dream” that they just awoke and are doing regular, normal things like brushing teeth, making coffee, going for a walk, etc.

In the realm of witchcraft, the botanical Mugwort is the best friend for those who wish to control or understand their dreams. Mugwort is a member of the Artemisia family which are named in honor of the Greek lunar deity Artemis. Mugwort doesn’t produce dreams for us; on the other hand, it opens up the dream world for us so that we can see it and enjoy it.
Mugwort stimulates the brain to produce more dreams and also enhances their clarity and your ability to remember them. This wonderful and powerful botanical also safeguards you as you travel through unknown realms and explore you dreams. The dried form of Mugwort is safest to use when trying your luck with lucid dreams. Do not use essential oil of mugwort or other forms of this botanical as they can be neurotoxic and dangerous.
Holey stones may also enable us to bravely explore dreams. To use the power of a holey stone, you may wear it around your neck, attach it to your bedpost or tuck it under your pillow for stimulating dreams. Another method of creative dreaming involves dream bathes. Use about twenty drops of Mugwort flower essence remedy (Never THE ESSENTIAL OIL OF MUGWORT) in your bath and enjoy your forays into the dream world. After the first “journey” use only about five drops in your bath for more of those wonderful dreams.

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