Five Ancient Love Spells

Five ancient love spells

Love spells are the most widely used, discussed and requested of all types of spells. Here are some ancient spells for you to work on:

Before you work on a love spell to attract someone to you, it is your duty to determine if that person is in love with another or not. We all know that it is certainly not a good idea to interfere in another’s love relationship.

Here is a simple and ancient spell that may have brought many of our ancestors together:

Adam and Eve Root Spell

For this simple spell, all you will need is one small piece of Adam root and one small piece of Eve root. Carry this together with you at all times in a mojo bag. Every day, when you get some time, take the roots out and murmur your desires over them. Put them back together so that they can spend private time together. Remember, Adam and Eve roots cherish their time together. For best results, remember not to add any other items to the mojo bag.

Wishbone Love Spell

This is another ancient spell that helps make your wish come true. For this spell, you will need the following items:

1 wishbone
Some red or gold glitter
A few strands of your hair
1 Adam root
1 Eve Root
Love drawing powder (or crushed dry rose petals)
A red charm bag

Step 1: Clean the wishbone and dry it well
Step 2: Dip it first in glue and then dip it in glitter
Step 3: With the strands of hair, make a small braid and attach it to the wishbone
Step 4: Insert the wishbone, Adam and Eve roots into the red charm bag. Sprinkle all the items with the Love drawing powder.
Step 5: Carry this charm bag with you at all times to attract and retain Love.

Aphrodite Oil Spell

For this spell you will need the following items:

Essential oil of Myrtle
Essential oil of Rose
Sweet almond oil
1 pink candle
If you have an altar for Aphrodite, add items that She loves to the altar. Otherwise, just visualize Her while you work on the spell.

Step 1: Add the essential oils to the Sweet Almond oil to make a Love Attraction Oil
Step 2: Use this oil to dress the candle while visualizing the sweet love that you expect very soon.
Step 3: Light the candle petitioning Lady Aphrodite
Step 4: Massage your body with the Love Attraction Oil and enjoy a nice long bath while visualizing Love coming to you.

Win Your Heart spell

This spell allows you to win the heart of the one you choose.
For this spell, you will need the following items:
One pink seven-day candle
Honey and a bain-marie
Powdered Orrisroot

Step 1: Write your name and that of your lover nine times on the seven day candle.
Step 2: Blend the Rosewater and Orris root powder with honey warmed in a bain-marie.
Step 3: Roll the candle in this mixture
Step 4: Burn the candle while you visualize a fantastic time with your lover.

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