Five Best Money Spells

All of us want more money. It may be true that no one has every uttered the phrase “I have all the money I need for life” with a clear conscience.

Here are some money spells that many of can use to get the feeling of prosperity and peace.

Animal Magic Spell
Chinese Magic traditions as well as many other cultural traditions feature special animals who are believed to bring good fortune into our lives. Some of the typical animals are toads, spiders, etc.

If you get a toad or frog to attract money, here are some notes on how you can maximize your potential:

Do not place the toad on the floor. It needs to be at a higher level in the house, typically at dining table or coffee table level
Get a shiny new coin and put it in its open mouth
Let him face the door
Periodically, allow the frog to rest by taking the coin out of his mouth and turning him away from the door
You may use many such animal amulets in different areas of the house. Just make sure that they face the doors.

Quick Basil Spell
Basil has the reputation of enhancing our monetary situation. This amazing herb has always been associated with prosperity and increase in wealth and status. For this spell, you will need the following items:

Plants that attract wealth such as Basil, Marigolds, Thyme, Cactus, etc.
A slip of paper and a pen with natural ink
Basil Oil
Flowerpot filled with earth. Use earth from the crossroads if possible.

Step 1: On the slip of paper, write the exact sum of money you need for the immediate future.
Step 2: Drip some of the basil oil on the slip of paper
Step 3: Fold it in half twice
Step 4: Bury the paper on the flower pot.
Step 5: Plant the above money-attracting botanicals and take good care of the plants.

Botanicals Murmur Spell

Spells for prosperity are some of the most popular spells in history. Here is a simple spell that people with few resources can work on:

For this spell, you will need the following items:
Parsley (fresh or dried)
Dill (fresh or dried)
Basil (fresh or dried)

Step 1: Finely chop the parsley, Basil and Dill leaves if necessary. If using the dried form, just mix them together in a small cup.

Mix them with your hands and murmur your desires over them. Mention the amount of money you need and also detail any other monetary goals you may have that need to be fulfilled soon.

Step 3: Sprinkle this magical garnish over to the food that you prepare.

Birthday Year Spell

One of the easiest and simple spells that you can do for constant pouring of prosperity into your life is to find a coin that was created on the year you were born. It can be from any country and you can find one easily on eBay.
When you find such a coin, clean it with soap and water and then cleanse it using basil leaves. Now you may carry it with you in a small pouch to draw wealth and prosperity to you.

Lunar Money Spell

The New Moon is a catalyst for growth of all kinds. Here is a spell that will enable you to increase your wealth using the beneficial powers of the New Moon:

Step 1: Gather some coins from around your home. Look under couches, in cupboards, pockets, school bags, old and discarded purses, under the car seats, etc.

Step 2: Wash them and cleanse them well.

Step 3: Find a window though which the New Moon’s rays can reach inside your home.

Step 4: Place the money on a table by the window on the New Moon day.

Step 5: On the Full Moon day, collect all the money you get. Repeat on the New Moon day.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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