Five Black-Magic Love Spells

Follow me Footprint Spell
For this spell, you will need to pick up an entire footprint of the person you are attracted to.

Step 1: Find the footprint of the one you are in love with.

Step 2: Dig up the complete foot print of the person you care for deeply.

Step 3: Now whisper over the footprint informing the feet that you wish to see them come to you.

Step 4: Now bury the footprint sand or dirt under your front doorstep!

Clothing Love Spell

This spell is useful if you have a piece of your lover’s clothing such as a shirt, glove or scarf. You will also need seven acorns and red thread.

Step 1: Collect the seven acorns and wrap them in the piece of clothing you have from your lover.

Step 2: Now shut the packet and knot it with the red thread while visualizing your goal.

Step 3: For the next consecutive seven days, sleep with it under your pillow.

Step 4: On the eighth day, carry the package to the woods.

Step 5: Look for a tree that may have a natural cleft.

Step 6: Also look for holes in the ground.

Step 7: When you find the appropriate solution, place the package inside it.

Step 8: Now walk around the tree sunwise three times calling the name of the one you love during each rotation.

Step 9: Now walk away and do not look back!

Someone special Shoe Love Spell
This spell will enable you to make a favorable impression on the one you are attracted to.

For this spell, you will need a lock of hair from the one you love along with a small square of silk.

Step 1: Wrap the lock of hair in the red silk cloth while visualizing your future and folding the cloth towards you.

Step 2: Now wear it in your shoe,

Step 3: Wait for the person you desire to come to you soon.

Peyote Talisman of Love Spell

Peyote is used to create amulets for love and romance. Similar to the lodestone, Peyote can be female or male in shape and character. Women need a male peyote and men need the female version. You will also need some ritual corn beer and red silk.

Step 1: Keep the peyote whole.
Step 2: Bathe the peyote in ritual corn beer.
Step 3: Dance to the peyote while you visualize your dream coming true.
Step 4: Sing to it.
Step 5: Explain your desires to it.
Step 6: Now wrap it in the red silk and carry it near your heart. You may also carry it wrapped around the right knee.

Knot Binding Love Spell
This spell is worked to keep the couple together. It is also a protection spell.
For this spell, you will need a handkerchief and your favorite love oil.

Step 1: One partner takes the handkerchief and ties two knots in it.
Step 2: The other partner now ties two more knots in it.
Step 3: Both partners now together take these four knots and tie them together to make one BIG , tight knot.
Step 4: Both parties pull hard so that the knot is as tight as it can be.

Step 5: Now keep this knot charm in a safe palce.

Step 6: Anoint with a love oil periodically

Step 7: If they wish to separate, all that needs to be done is to break the knot!


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