Five black magic spells and curses

Evil Eye Removal Spell
In many countries, people believe that others can put a curse on us by staring at us. This is called the Evil eye. People believe that children and old people are victims to such a “crime”. So there are many spells to get rid of this curse.

Step 1: From a three-way crossroads collect seven pebbles.
Step 2: Heat them in a fire
Step 3: Have the person or children sit near the fire. One parent usually holds the child in their lap if it is too dangerous.
Step 4: Now put a brass dish containing turmeric powder mixed with water.
Step 5: Using a pair of tongs, lift each pebble and move it around the child without hurting her/him. Place each pebble after the circling into the dish with turmeric water.
STEP 6: When the water becomes red, the spell has been broken.
STEP 7: If the water does not turn red, another, more effective spell will have to be planned.

Fertility Spell

The name “Astarte” means “filled womb”. Astarte was an independent and brave woman who encouraged women to promote personal fertility. Here is a spell that will help the cause of women who wish to bear a child.

STEP 1: First create Astarte Oil by blending the following into Sweet Almong and jojoba oils:
Essential oil of myrrh
Essential oil of Jasmine
Essential oil of Coriander
Essential oil of petitgrain
Rose attar
Caution: Do not ingest any of this oil.

STEP 2: Get a human figure candle and carve it with your name, birthday and other identity information.
STEP 3: Dress the candle with the already prepared Astarte oil. Make sure that you massage the area of the candle representing the abdominal and genital areas.
STEP 4: Roll the candle in henna powder for additional power.
STEP 5: Burn the candle and visualize your dreams coming true.

Happy Home Spell

Most of the time family members in a home can get along without much fuss. However, there may be times when people behave aggressively and the peace in the home is disturbed. Here is a spell that will help re-establish peace and joy in your home.

Dragon’s Blood Peace Protection

STEP 1: Get some dragon’s blood and powder it.
STEP 2: Mix the dragon’s blood powder with some sugar and salt
STEP 3: Get a clean matchbox and fill it with this mixture.
STEP 4: Place this matchbox inside an envelope and seal it closed.
STEP 5: Decorate the matchbox with magickal symbols such as runes, seals, sigils, etc.
STEP 6: Hide this envelope in a place that only you are aware of. As long as it is undisturbed, there will be peace in your home.

Curses were common in the old days when there were no judicial systems in place. People took revenge by hurting other people using curses which could target specific areas of life such as health, beauty, fertility, etc. Since people believed that their bodily fluids were powerful enough to destroy others, they used their blood, urine, menstrual blood etc to seek revenge on others.

Remember hexes and curses are usually avoided by SMART witches as they know that it WILL backfire. The best way to deal with negativity is to do a spell to make them happy. This will make them regret whatever they may have done to us.

Purple Candle Hex

For this spell, you will need the following items:
1 purple candle
Commanding Oil
Your urine

STEP 1: Carve the purple candle with the name of the enemies. Also add other marks that identify what you wish to do to that person.

STEP 2: Mix 1 part of Commanding oil to 1 part of your fresh urine.

STEP 3: Dress the candle while you visualize your intent.

STEP 4: Burn the candle.

Bottle Hex Spell

This is meant to hurt a person by cursing him so that his life is turned upside down.
STEP 1: Get a photograph or picture of the enemy
STEP 2: Roll up the picture and squeeze it into a bottle
STEP 3: Get a piece of paper and write the target’s name on it. Put this inside the bottle too.
STEP 4: Get some holly and ivy and stuff them into the bottle.
STEP 5: Add some black ink and War Water (water in which rusted iron nails are kept).
STEP 6: Now seal the bottle shut and remember to bury it upside down.

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