Five Black Magic Spells

Egg Secrets Spell
For this spell, you will need a freshly laid egg and some invisible ink. Dove’s
blood Ink also may be used. Using the ink, write down your goals. Whisper your
secrets into the raw egg. When you have completed your intentions, bury the egg
in Earth so that your goals will be achieved.
Fertility Doll Spell

Create a doll with any of the following items: Wood, clay, nuts, bones, corn
cobs, cloth, metal or any other natural material. Stuff the doll with fertility
botanicals such as fallen Birch, Cherry or Hawthorn leaves. Decorate it with
beads, tiny mirrors, seashells, sequins, charms, etc.

The mother-to-be can take care of the doll as though the baby is real and this
desire is believed to create the baby in real time.

After the baby is born, the doll is not discarded but used as a toy for the
child or passed on to an infertile woman for good luck.

Moon Blood Spell

For those women who long to have a child, this spell will bring some hope.
Menstrual blood is considered as a powerful and necessary precursor to the
creation of life and it is one of the most important fluids of life.

For this spell, create a doll out of clay dug from the Earth. If you can dig the
Earth around your home and find clay to make this doll, it would be perfect for
this fertility spell. When the doll is made, dab it with some of your menstrual
blood. This is believed to magically activate the life of the doll.

Allow the doll to dry well. Now it can be used as a fertility charm or used for
doll magic spells.

Lucky in Gambling Spell

Gamblers know that they are risking hard-earned money. So they use many magical
methods to ensure that they win. Here is one such spell:
Get a human figure candle to represent you
Carve the candle with your name and address along with the lucky numbers that
you wish to see that evening.
Dress the candle with Magnet Oil and Black Cat Oil. Also add more oil on the
candle’s hands representing the bounty.
Burn the candle and visualize Lady Luck smiling down.

Death in the Family Spell

When the head of the family dies, the rest of the family may feel lost as the
main income provider is not around anymore. To keep her or his presence forever,
preserve a lock of her or his hair. Using an iron nail, nail it to the lintel of
the main entrance to maintain the home’s prosperity and joy.

“australia wicca”,”
Australia wicca
Wicca is one of the fastest growing religions in Australia. More than 24,000
Australians call themselves Pagans or Wiccans.
Wiccans in Australia consider this religion to be the teacher of life and nature
as well. Many people accept this religion which taught them how to live with the
ebb and flow of tides of life. Many Wiccans believe that the Lord and the Lady
are watching over them. Wicca has always been strong, subtle, nurturing and
protective to those who find faith and solace in it.

Here are some spells that have an Aussie connection.

Foot Track Spell
Foot track magic may be used for positive means or negative means. Early
settlers in Australia (Aboriginals or natives of the land) used to work on this

This spell is simple. Some foot track spells involve digging up the track,
gathering Earth from the footprint, or measure the footprint, etc. In this
spell, all we need to do is to place a sharp stone or broken piece of glass into
the foot print to cause harm to the person.

Hair Girdle Spell

One of the customs of ancient cultures is to remove a lock of hair from a
deceased person as a keepsake for the future generations. The Australian
aboriginals used create a girdle or magic belt for the sons from this hair.
This is how it was done.

When a man has died, his hair is cut off by a male relative. This hair is then
woven and gifted to the deceased person’s son. It was believed to give all the
positive masculine qualities of the father to the son. It was also assumed that
this girdle would increase the wearer’s psychic skills.

Australian Wicca Groups

The Oak and Mistletoe is one of the popular forums that many Australian Wiccans
subscribe to. Their website is:

At this site, anyone who is interested in Wicca may log in and read information
or learn more about this ancient and beautiful and religion.

This site was created by Amethyst who is an initiated Witch and legal Marriage

The highlight of this group is a free face to face Wicca teaching program. This
program runs over eight months and teaches the participants the basics of Wicca,
practices, Tools, magick and ritual of Full Moon and also the Wheel of the Year.
At the end of a successful program, the participants are invited to attend some
of the coven’s rituals.

Another Wicca group of about 1800 individuals is:

This group encourages people to delve into pagan topics and increase Wiccan
awareness among the people of Australia. To join these groups, Go to and search for Australia Wicca.

Other useful links are:

and many more..

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