Five candle love spells

1. Eight of Wands Spell
The eight of wands tarot card is love at first sight as it represents the arrows of love. For this romantic spell, you will need a red candle, love drawing oils, eight of wands card, rose quartz and charm bag.
Step 1: Carve your hopes and dreams on the candle.
Step 2: Dress the candle with love drawing oils.
Step 3: Burn the candle
Step 4: Place the eight or wands Card upright near the candle so that it can be seen easily
Step 5: Put the rose quartz near the card and the candle.
Step 6: Wait until the candle burns down.
Step 7: Put the card underneath your pillow. It will provide romantic inspiration during your sleep.
Step 8: All day wear the rose quartz which may be placed in a charm bag. It may also be tucked into your bra or pocket to maintain love forever.

2. Poppet Doll Spell
If you are in a relationship which you wish to become concrete, work on this spell.

For this spell, you will need an unlaundered, stained, bedsheet. Also needed are various love herbs such as rosemary, orrisroot, rose, heatsease, vervain, etc. along with one red candle, scarlet ribbons and black velvet.

Step 1: Using the unlaundered bedsheet, cut out dolls (poppets) to represent both partners.
Step 2: On the cut out dolls, embroider the names, ages, etc along with other personalization.
Step 3: Fill each of the poppetwith roses, heartsease, vervain, orrisroot and rosemary.
Step 4: Now tie the dolls together with scarlet ribbons facing each other belly to belly.
Step 5: Now wrap the poppets in red velvet.

Step 6: Light the red candle and visualize your long lasting marriage.
Step 7: Gently place this package under the mattress on the side of which the other party sleeps.

3. Amor Love Spell
This spell will change your friendship into committed love affair.
For this spell, you will need a lover’s candle which depicts a naked couple. You may make one of your own if you are so inclined. Also needed is a love oil like Amor or Jezebel etc.
Step 1: If you don’t have the above candle, make it on your own.

Step 2: With a dull knife carve the woman’s name on the man’s body and the man’s name on the woman’s body.

Step 3: Dress the candles with Amor or any other Love oil.

Step 4: Now light the candle and sit down to visualize your romantic future for as long as you wish to contemplate.

4. Humming Bird Charm Spell

This spell will create a love charm that one can use forever to attract love into her life.
For this spell, you will need the following items: One hummingbird charm, one red silk cord, one candle, other lucky charms, Anointing oil such as “Come to me Lover Oil”, etc.

Step 1: Using the silk thread attach the hummingbird charm to the thread.
Step 2: You may also add other love attracting charms to the silk thread. Also add turquoise and silver beads for more luck.
Step 3: Using knot magick, knot your intentions on the silk thread while you string the beads. Also light the candle to assist you in your spell.
Step 4: When the charm is complete, dip the hummingbird charm into Come To Me Lover Oil.
Step 5: Every few days or so, remember to periodically anointing the charm to keep it powerful.

5. Love Candle Spell
This is a simple spell that will bring two lovers together for eternity. For this spell, you will need two candles, one representing you and the other representing your partner or the one your desire. For this spell you will also need “Magnet oil” and “Come to Me Lover Oil”, Olive oil and magnetic sand.
Step 1: Carve the candles with your goals and desires.
Step 2: Dress the candle that represents you with “Magnet Oil” and “Come to me Lover” oil
Step 3: Light the candle. This one is to stay on this location.
Step 4: Now dress the other candle with Olive oil and sprinkle magnetic sand over it.
Step 5: While drawing it closer to you in small increments, burn the candle at times sprinkling more magnetic sand on it to increase the attraction between you and your desired one.

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