Five candle spells

1. Bad Habits Bath Spell
This spell will help to remove any addictions. For this spell, you will need the following items:
Warm water for a bath
Essential oil of Clary sage
Essential oil of Frankincense
Essential oil of Lavender
Essential oil of Lemongrass or May Chang
Essential oil of rosemary
One white candle

Step 1: Draw a bath with warm water.
Step 2: Light the candle
Step 3: Add the essential oil of Clary sage, essential oil of Frankincense essential oil of Lavender, essential oil of Lemongrass or May Chang and essential oil of rosemary to the bath.
Step 4: Enter the bath and inhale the vapors while visualizing your intentions to remove all bad habits.

2. Eating Disorder Banishing Spell

This spell is done when the Moon is in its waning phase.
For this spell, you will need the following items:
Essential oil of fennel
Olive oil
1 black candle
1 moonstone
1 clear quartz crystal

Step 1: Create infused oil of fennel by mixing essential oil of fennel with oliv oil.
Step 2: Dress the black candle with this oil while visualizing your goals.
Step 3: Holding the unlit candle, visualize your pain and feel the bad habits flowing from your body into the candle. Try to allow all negative images, conversations and remarks move away. Set yourself free of all past happenings.
Step 4: When you feel calm and collected, pick up the Moonstone with your left hand and the white quartz crystal in your right hand.
Step 5: Now bury the candle far away from the home.
Step 6: Get a small bag and put the crystals in it. Carry it with you all day and cleanse and recharge them frequently.

3. Astrologer’s Better Business Spell

Sometimes astrologers who assist others in numerous ways find themselves without much business. To enable her or him to increase their business prospects, use this spell. This spell is dedicated to Tanit, the Queen of Stars and matron of astrologers.

For this spell, you will need the following items:
One blue candle
As assortment of Tanit’s sacred creatures such as dolphins, fish, snakes, doves and images of Cresent Moons and stars
Also collect figs, pomegranates, stalks of wheat, etc.

Step 1: Decorate Tanit’s altar with her favorite creatures such as dolphins, fish, snakes, doves, etc.
Step 2: Dedicate the blue candle to Tanit
Step 3: Visualize prosperity coming your way while offering Tanit figs, pomegranates and stalks of wheat.

4. Seven Knob Candle Employment spell
This specially made candle is believed to bring in good fortune in the form of better employment prospects.

For this spell, you will need a green seven-knob candle.
Step 1: Charge the candle with your desire. Speak to it as you would to a close friend.
Step 2: Scratch a wish on each of the knobs. You may also add other details such as name of company, employer, co-worker, etc.
Step 3: Burn one knob daily for seven consecutive days.

5. Peaceful Home oil Spells

Peaceful home oil is believed to end family quarrels and encourages reconciliation. To make this oil, you will need brown sugar, bee pollen, Orris root and peppermint leaves. You will also need pink rose petals along with sweet almond and jojoba oils.

Peaceful Home Spell
For this spell, you will need a blue candle.

Step 1: Create peaceful home oil by grinding the brown sugar, bee pollen, Orris root and peppermint leaves.
Step 2: Get a bottle and place the powder into it.
Step 3: Fill the rest of the bottle with sweet almond and jojoba oils
Step 4: Soak cotton balls and tuck them around the home.
Step 5: Dress the blue candle and carve to suit your home situation
Step 6. Burn the candles while you visualize a happy home.

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