Five Free Candle Magic Spells

The flame of a candle is not only mesmerizing; it also helps to cleanse the aura and the energy in the room. Additionally, any scent that is infused into the candle wax or any oils that may be used to dress the candle also help bring more power to the room and brings success to our spells.

The candle flame represents Fire, one of the five basic elements of the Earth. Fire consumes all obstacles in its path and helps us get back our faith and trust. Fire gives us courage, inspires us to connect with other spirits and recharges our energies so that we can use all our powers to push our intentions further into the Cosmos.

Here are the five candle magick spells:

Mercury magick Spell

In ancient Rome, Mercury was believed to be the primary patron of magickal workings.The spirit of Mercury was also identified with the Greek spirit Hermes. Mercury was considered the official bestower of magick rings. However, in these days, we can empower any ring by petitioning to Mercury.

Mercury was associated with Cairns or small pyramids made with stones and rocks. Make a small cairn in a safe place outside. On a piece of paper, write down what your intentions are for the ring. Place the paper on top of the pyramid and place a ring on top of the paper.

Dress a green candle while chanting your intentions and burn it over the ring while requesting His blessings.  When the candle almost burns out, remove the ring and wear it.

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