Five free quick love spells

The most popular category of spells involves the attraction between two individuals. Love spells enable us to dream of getting together, finding love and may be even raise a family together.
Here are some spells that you may work on if you are interested in finding love.
It is generally believed that a Friday coinciding with a new Moon is the most auspicious time for working love spells. Friday is named in honor or Freya, the northern Lady of Love as well as in honor of Aphrodite and Oshun. The colors that are most effective for Love magic include red, pink, orange and yellow. Rose water is believed to increase the power of any love spell. Just bathe your hands with rose water before creating love potions or love powders and you will find that the spell works magnificently.
Adam and Eve Root Basic Spell
In ancient times, people used to carry these roots in a mojo bag to attract the attention of others.
For this spell, you will need the two roots Adam and Eve. Charge them with your desires and then place them in a cotton or satin bag. Carry the bag everywhere with you for Love can strike at any time.
Remember not to add anything else into the bag as Adam and Eve prefer their privacy.

Birch Love Spell
Birch bark can be torn off the tree (after offering some libations to the Mamma tree, of course!) and used to write messages. In this spell, we use a birch bark for the paper and our own blood as the ink.
At the new Moon, meditate on what kind of love you wish to receive. Prick your finger and use a few drops of blood as the ink with which you will write your love message.
When you are happy with the completeness of the message, burn it. This will take your message to the Universe.
Dandelion Love Spell
Dandelions are beautiful and found everywhere. If you see a dandelion, you can easily make a love spell.
Step 1: Sit down close to the dandelion and admire its beauty.
Step 2: Focus on your desire
Step 3: Blow the seeds hard while you affirm your goals.
Step 4: Thank the dandelion for its service.

Underwear Love spell
To attract Love, pin broomstick, mermaid or humming bird charms to your underwear. Every time you go out, you have a chance of attracting a lover to you!

Holly and Ivy Spell
Women seeking to find a man should carry a mojo bag filled with ivy while men wishing to attract women should carry mojo bag filled with holly leaves and berries.

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