Five free wicca chanting spells

Chanting has been practiced since time immemorial. Almost all religions have encouraged people to chant as it is beneficial to humans in many ways. Chanting allows humans to calm down and use their intellect to work through a problem. Chanting is also believed to change the energy around us so that our thoughts can easily reach their intended destination. It also calms the mind so that we can really reach that special place from which all thoughts create.
All of the chants may be practiced while standing, sitting or kneeling. It is best to meditate on your goal for a few minutes before you begin chanting. If you are in a crowded place and cannot chant out loud, it is okay to chant mentally. You may also dance, sing, drum, etc while you chant so that the extra energy will enable your goals to reach their destination sooner.
All of these chanting spells are from “The Magick of Chant-O-Matics” by Raymond Buckland.
Chanting spell for Money
Suddenly I see the pile,
Suddenly I hold the sum,

Suddenly I end my trial
For the money- IT HAS COME!
Close your eyes (if it is safe to do so) and place your finger tips on your temple, visualizing the money in your possession. Repeat after more chanting.

Spell to get money that belongs to you
Repeat five times while visualizing your goal.
Earned long ago,
To me now flow.
Do not delay.
I need it this day.
Silver and Gold,
Money to hold;
Answer my needs
With rewards for my deeds.
Earned long ago,
May it to me now flow!

Increase your income chanting spell
This is an ancient Arabic magic chant that will increase your income in many ways.
Aye ab, abber abra;
Kah! Brakad!
Kad, kadder, Kaddab.
Dabbar, dabbar, kadabbar!
The above chant should be repeated five times. Between each chant, visualize strongly the check that is on its way to you.

Chant to win the one you love
This chant is of the mantric variety. This means that the chants are sounds which are repeated many times to achieve the goal. A single word called a mantra is repeated over and over again so that the vibrations from our energy will generate power to change the energy of the Universe. Mantras have the power to create, sustain or destroy.
Here is a simple mantra to win the one you love.
Malana, malana, malana, malana, malana, malana, malana, malana, malana, and so on for as many times as you wish.

Healing Chant to reunite those who have separated
Remember to do this chanting on a Friday. Also light candles and sandalwood incense.
Shellem soovum quilten mo: Shellem soovum quilten mo:
Shellem soovum quilten mo: Shellem soovum quilten mo:

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