Five lucid dreaming tips

1. First trip to the dream world spell
For your first foray into the dream world, all you need is mugwort FLOWER ESSENCE REMEDY. Some people mistakenly use mugwort essential oil which is toxic and can harm us. So remember, only use the flower essence remedy of mugwort.

This spell can be used for your first trip to the dream world, to stimulate a specific course of dreaming, to recall dreams or to effect dream healing.

For this spell, you will need about 25 drops of mugwort flower essence remedy. Prepare a bath and add the drops of mugwort flower essence remedy to it. This dosage is used for first timers. If you plan to repeat the same the next day, reduce the drops to 10 or so.

2. Sensual Dream Spell

This spell will enable you to experience romantic and erotic dreams.

For this spell, you will need the following items:
A handful of dried hibiscus flowers
1 Tablespoon of orange blossoms
1 Tablespoon of red rose petals
1 teaspoon of dried mugwort
3 dried bay leaves

Step 1: Heat some water to boiling and add the botanicals.
Step 2: Allow the infusion to cool
Step 3: Strain the botanicals and add the water to the bath.
Step 4: Alternately, add the botanicals to the bath too while soaking in the bath before bedtime

3. Dream Incense Spell
This spell will allow you to “see” someone who has passed on and who was important in your life.
For this spell, you will need the following items:
Acacia leaves, Star Anise and Myrrh
Step 1: Mash and grind the Acacia leaves, star anise and myrrh into a fine powder.
Step 2: Burn this incense carefully in your bedroom taking all precautions.
Step 3: Go to sleep.

4. Archangels Support Spell
Sometimes you may need to get in touch with someone who has passed on and who was dear to you. In this case, you may use this spell This old spell from Alexandria uses spirits to guide and assist us. It also gains the power of clairvoyance from the bay laurel leaves.

Step 1: Write on bay laurel leaves with a thorn or pointed stick:
“I call upon you, Uriel, Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel
Don’t pass me by
Don’t disregard me
As you bring your nightly visions, please enter and reveal to me what I wish to know”.

Now sit in meditation and speak out loud about your wishes and make sure that they are expressed clearly, concisely and explicitly.

Put the leaves beside the pillow near your head and to sleep while waiting for the revelations.

5. Mimosa Dream Powder
This spell is used to encourage good dreams, to allow good dreams to come true as well as to banish bad dreams.
For this spell, you will need the following:
Rose petals, lilac petals, acacia gum, essential oil of mimosa and bay laurel You will also need some cornstarch to bind all of the above together.

Step 1: Using a mortar and pestle, grind up the Rose petals, Lilac petals and Acacia gum.
Step 2: Blend the powder with some cornstarch to make a powder.
Step 3: Add some essential oil of mimosa and bay laurel.
Step 4: You may also add some rose attar if you have it in stock.

Sprinkle this powder on and around the bed. You may also sprinkle this magic powder in between sheets. You may also sprinkle this powder on your body after a bath to get the results you wish for.

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