Five Money Making Spells

1. Dollar Sign Candle Spell

For this spell, you will need the following items: Green candle, money drawing powders, botanicals such as essential oil of basil, bergamot, aspen leaves, five-finger grass, dried basil, chamomile blossoms, fern seeds, fenugreek, ginger root, etc.

Step 1: Using a dull knife, carve your identifying info on the candle. This usually includes your name, your mother’s name, the place you live, your gender, etc.

Step 2: Since you are trying to make money, you can carve prosperity runes, dollar signs or other symbols that are harbingers of money and wealth for you.

Step 3: Now hold the candle in your hands.

Step 4: Focus on your goals and visualize them as they have already materialized in your life.

Step 5: Dress the candle with money drawing powders while you focus on your intentions.

Step 6: Burn the candle while you meditate on your goal.

2. Buckeye Money Spell
Buckeyes are known for their money generating powers. In the old days, people would drill a hole into a buckeye and fill the hole with mercury. Now that we are aware of the toxicity of mercury, there are other options such as this spell.

For this spell, you will need any money drawing powder, fast luck oil, magnetic sand, essential oil of bergamot, new or used cash bill, red thread, two green candles.

Step 1: Using essential oil of bergamot and fast luck oil, make a paste with magnetic sand, and money drawing powder.

Step 2: hole the buckeye and rub the above paste on it.

Step 3: Place the buckeye at the end of the cash bill and wrap it rolling it towards you.

Step 4: Using the red thread, tie the rolled cash bill and tie it while knotting and visualizing your results.

Step 5: Use the rest of the paste to rub it on the two green candles.

Step 6: Cover a large plate with money drawing powder and set the two green candles.

Step 7: Let the buckeye rest in the middle of the two green candles.

Step 8: Light the candles and sit in meditation, visualizing your goals.

Step 9: When they have burned all the way down, your charm is ready.

3 Basil and Bergamot Magick Spell
For this spell, you will need an exact amount that you need. You will also need a piece of brown paper, small green candle, essential oil of bergamot and essential oil of basil.

Step 1: First, note down the exact amount of money you need on piece of brown paper.

Step 2: Now carve your identifying details such as name, address, mother’s name, etc on to the green candle.

Step 3: Now dress the green candles with essential oils of bergamot and essential oil of basil.

Step 4: Place the paper on a fire-proof saucer or plate.

Step 5: Fix the candle in the middle of the paper.

Step 6: Burn the candles in increments, say about 15 minutes at a time, daily.

Step 7: Burn the candle until the money you need is acquired.

Seven Knob Candle Money Spell
Although this is a very simple spell, you will need a seven -knob candle along with a square piece of paper and some money oils such as essential oil of basil or essential oil of bergamot.

Step 1: On the piece of paper, write down the amount of money you need.

Step 2: Dress the candle with the money drawing oils while visualizing what you need.

Step 3: Burn one knob of the candle.

Step 4: Burn each knob for the rest of the six nights to make your wish come true.

1. Dragon Money Spell

In many countries the dragon is respected as the guardian of wealth and treasures. They are believed to be bighearted and munificent. The point is to harness its unbelievably strapping powers.

For this spell, you will need a porcelain dragon statue. You may get it from China town or get one online. Usually, the dragon’s eyes are shut.

Step 1: Between the hours of 7AM and 9AM, open the Dragon’s eyes by dotting the eneys with a new brush and black ink.

Step 2: You may also “open” the eyes using an incense stick by waving the lighted stick back and forth in front of the Dragon’s closed eyes.

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