Five Teen Witchcraft Spells

Wish Spell

Teenagers typically have alternating emotions and experiences. It takes time to understand that we are the mirrors and images to which the rest of the world reacts. All our emotions are usually mirrored or sent back by the person we are reacting to. If we are at peace, we behave in a loving way and the world reacts in a loving way. However, if we feel our emotions surging negatively, we could say something spiteful and the world reacts in a totally negative way too.

This is a powerful all-purpose spell which may be used for any of your intentions. It would be finding peace in your heart, loving your parents, being nice to your siblings, getting more friends at school, finding love, getting better grades, etc.

Amber-Jet Necklace Spell

Did you know that a necklace is just a circle cast around oneself?

Find some amber and jet beads. 3 of each would be enough. Now get some black yard and create a necklace alternating the amber and jet beads. Create knots between each bead while tying your intentions into each knot. Add more knots at the end, establishing your intentions firmly.

Wear this necklace at all times for good luck.

Lunar Spell

The Moon Goddess is your ally in all of your intentions. Lunar spells are very popular as it requires very little investment. Anyone can see the Moon if they stand outside of their home. Many times, if the blinds to a window are left open, the Moon’s rays will fall on you even without your knowledge. It is believed that a person gets more beautiful every time the rays of the Goddess fall on her/him.

There are some ways in which you can increase the power of your spells. If you are working on a spell to increase (beauty, power, love, etc) it is best to start the spell on a New Moon day so that as She increases, your fortune increases too. Similarly, if you wish to reduce something in your life (hatred, weight, etc.) work the spell on a Full Moon day so that whatever you wish to reduce will coincide with the reduction of the Moon’s image.

Simple Lunar Spell

Look up at the Moon and talk to her. Explain all your predicaments and talk to her like She is your best friend. Tell Her that you will always honor her and treat her like a friend and ally. If you have any wishes, request her to fulfill them for you. You can do this spell anytime of the year.

Pinecone Spell

If you have a wish that you need fulfilled, a simple pinecone can help you.

STEP 1: Find a clean pinecone in your yard or in a park.
STEP 2: Hold the pinecone in your hands and first thank the Pine that created this cone.
STEP 3: Now hold the cone in both your hands and charge it with your intentions.
STEP 4: Toss your charged pinecone into a fire so that your intentions will be carried out by the Universe.

Pinecone Necklace Spell

For this spell, you will need some small pinecones, glitter, wax for dipping and a red cord.

STEP 1: Collect the pinecones
STEP 2: Clean them of all debris while you heat the wax
STEP 3: Carefully dip the pinecones in the wax and then roll them in glitter.
STEP 4: String the beautiful pinecones into a necklace using the red cord.
STEP 5: If it is possible, wear the necklace. You may also just hang this necklace in a corner of your room for good luck.

Love Attracting Spell

Teenage is a time when we are desperate to find out who loves us. There may be people we are attracted to; however, we may not be sure if they really love us. Here is a charm that will help you attract love into your life.

For this spell, you will need a small amber bead.

STEP 1: On a full Moon night, look at the Moon through the amber bead.
STEP 2: Holding the amber in your left hand, focus on your heart’s desires and intentions.
STEP 3: Put this charged amber under your pillow before you go to sleep
STEP 4: When you awake, the amber will have become a very powerful love charm. Wear it everyday and you will attract love. Re-charge this love charm by repeating this ritual on any Full Moon day.

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