Five wiccan protection spells

Protection spells are generally worked to prevent physical or spiritual attacks on people, animals or buildings.
Anti-Bewitchment Spell

Most of the time, we are not aware of the fact that we are under a bewitchment spell. If it attracts the attention of another person and they let us know that we are not “normal” or that something is “off”, then we have to wonder if we are under a spell. Here is an ancient spell to remove bewitchment if it has already happened.

For this spell, you will need:
Botanicals such as Rue, rosemary and rowan

Step 1: Dissolve saltpeter in water.
Step 2: Carry it around into each room of the house chanting loudly. For extra strength, use the botanicals as asperging tools and walk through the entire property, asperging as needed.

Bell Protection Spell
Bells were the ancient tools that fought against evil. Their ringing sounds caused many to evil spirits to flee. In addition to the sound of the ringing bells, the fact that the bell represents the human reproductive organs also helps counteract the evil forces of destruction.

For this spell, you will need the following:
Fiery wall of protection incense
Iron Bells or wind chimes

Step 1: Create smoke with the protection incense and consecrate the bells (or heavy wind chimes that will not easily make noise ) by passing them through the smoke.
Step 2: Hold the bells or wind chimes in your hands and murmur your desire over them.
Step 3: Hang the bells or wind chimes in each corner of the house.
Step 4: When danger appears, the bell will warn you
Step 5: You may recharge the bells as a maintenance.

Simple Black Cohosh Spell

Get a piece of black cohosh in a red or black charm bag and carry it around wherever you go for complete protection. You may also wear it as a necklace around your neck.

Magic Belt Protection

In ancient times, women used to make belts of protection using seashells and other natural items. This spell uses a ribbon to create a protection belt.
For this spell, you will need:
Black or red ribbon long enough to go around your waist plus 10 inches more.
1 black cohosh root

Step 1: Attach the black cohosh root to the ribbon.
Step 2: Make knots on the ribbon while visualizing your complete protection.
Step 3: Wear it around your waist under your regular clothing

Simple Saliva Spell

The human saliva is considered a powerful repellant of malevolent spirits. Saliva is believed to disperse demons, Evil eye and is also know to repel malevolent spells.

When you are faced with evil, gather all the spit in your mouth and forcefully spit in the direction of the evil while visualizing the evil dissolving and going away. If you feel the presence of evil but do not know in which direction it is coming from, spit over your left shoulder once with enough “venom” in your mind and the evil will go away immediately.

Earring Defense Spell
This spell uses simple earrings to protect against verbal evil.
For this spell, we will need earrings with triangles, red and black beads or gem stones are best. Depending on the gemstones, there are several levels of protection. Black beads offer some of the best protection.

Step 1: Hold the earrings in your hand and charge them with your mission.
Step 2: When you have heard enough, remove the earrings and charge them again.

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