Five Wiccan Wind Spells

Earliest cultures believed that they could prevent or create storms by invoking ancient spirits. Orisha Oya embodies the huge Hurricanes which traveled from Africa to the Caribbean every year. Ancient Mesopotamian cultures believed that wind spirits could be destructive similar to the “Aires” of Central America.
Storm Stopper Spell

Gather the following:
1 hematite stone
Deep blue glitter

As you see the storm approaching (or hear of it on the news) draw a pentacle on the ground outside your home with your wand or your finger. Place the frankincense on the pentacle. Place your wand on the pentacle and holding the hematite stone chant:

Goddess of the storm
Send this storm away from me!

Take some of the glitter and allow it to fall from your hand and over the pentacle and into the wind. Leave the stone as offering for the Goddess.

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