Five witchcraft magic spells

Five witchcraft magic spells
1. Get a new Job Spell
This spell will enable you to get out of your old boring job and to find one that makes you energized and successful. For this spell, you will need a figure candle, a large cardboard box and one fire proof plate or bowl.
Step 1: Designate the figure candle to be you.
Step 2: With a dull knife, carve the candle with your name and other identifying information. Also carve a badge and other paraphernalia that people have when they are at work such as a briefcase or computer bag.
Step 3: Using the cardboard box, make a replica of your future office room. Open the box up and decorate with items that you would normally store in your cube or office such as photos, plants, calendar, computer and such.
Step 4: Make sure that your “office” has a large door through which the candle can enter.
Step 5: Let the figure (candle) face the workplace that you have made.
Step 6: For six consecutive waxing Moon days, burn the candle in 30 minute increments, moving it closer to the “office”.
Step 7: On the seventh day, move the candle inside the workplace and let it burn down completely on a fire proof saucer or bowl.
2. Spiritual cleansing Spell

This spell will utilize the powers of the coconut which enables long term spiritual cleansing. For this spell, you will need the following items:
1 coconut shell, white or brown wax, wick and pure coconut extract
Step 1: Clean and dry the coconut shell
Step 2: Melt the wax to liquid form
Step 3: Add the coconut extract and mix it in.
Step 4: Attach the wick to the container to hold it in place until the wax hardens.
Step 5: Pour the scented wax into the coconut shell.
Step 6: Use the candle when the wax hardens.

3. Animal Protection Spell
This spell will protect your loving pets to enhance their aura and keep them safe. For this spell, you will need Protection Oil and a candle that is in the image of your pet.
Step 1: Using a dull knife, carve identifying information such as name of pet, color of collar, mother’s name if known, etc.
Step 2: Also add some protective runes and other lucky symbols on to the candles
Step 3: Dress the candle with Protection Oil while visualizing the safety, health and longevity of your pet.
Step 4: When you have completed visualization, light the candle and sit in meditation for while.

4. Banish Bad Habits Spell
This spell uses the powers of the Eucalyptus tree to help us remove all bad habits. It is also believed to destroy evil ties, bad addiction, bad habits and bad company too.
For this spell, you will need leaves or twigs from the Eucalyptus tree or dried eucalyptus leaves.
Step 1: If you have a Eucalyptus tree, get some leaves and twigs and also some root bark from the tree after getting permission and offering a libation. If you have dried eucalyptus leaves, you may use them as is.
Step 2: Pour boiling water over the botanicals and let them steep until the water cools.
Step 3: Take the cooled infusion and add it to your bath.

5. Cockroach Banishing Spell
The mere presence and scent of Eucalypus is believed to repel cockroaches. Here is a spell that will help you get rid of these pests.
For this spell, you will need Essential oil of Eucalyptus and a cloth.

Step 1: Add essential oil of Eucalyptus to a container of cool water.

Step 2: Soak the cloth in the solution in the bowl.

Step 3: Place the cloth wherever you see roaches.

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