Four beginner wiccan spells

Basil Spells
Basil is believed to be the Queen of herbs. It is the most sacread and revered
plants on Earth. This botanical not only increases chances of fertility, it
heals the body, mind and soul. Physically, Basil is believed to fight cancer
and heart disease. In witchcraft, it is often the first choice for courage,
fertility, healing, love, protection, wealth and purification. It is also used
to cleanse and purify witchcraft tools, items and amulets.

Always have basil in your home. Basil will grow outside in summer and if it gets
cold in winter in your area, just keep the pot near a source of light and water

Here are some spells using this most powerful botanical in the world.
Better Business Spell

This is a simple Holy Basil spell and it will bring lots of prosperity into the
home. Place pots of sacred basil (also known as Tulsi) near the front entrance
of your home. The larger the plant gets, the bigger your fortune. Do not worry
if the plant dies. Use the seeds that are on it to create more Basil plants.

Triple Goddess Pesto Spell

This spell is associated with fertility. If a couple is longing to have a child,
this is THE spell they need to work on.

For this fertility spell, along with Basil, we use Lemon Balm and Parsley. These
are the items you need to gather for the spell:
1 bunch Basil leaves
1 small bunch Lemon balm
1 small bunch Parsley
Pine nuts
Olive oil
Parmesan Cheese

Grind the herbs the old fashioned way with a mortar and pestle. While grinding,
visualize the powers of these herbs empowering the couple to create and welcome
the baby. BTW, grinding something using the mortar and pestle is a process that
is similar to procreative act.

When the herbs are ground well, add nuts, sufficient garlic to taste. Mix and
grind well with some olive oil to get the pesto consistency that you desire.
Cover tightly and store in the fridge until ready to use. Mix Parmesan cheese
if desired.

You may serve this magickal pesto over traditional pasta or fish.

Basil Cleansing Bath

Basil is also highly effective for aura cleansing. It is excellent for removing
negative emotions and enhances luck and prosperity to boot.

For this spell, you will need:
1 cup boiling water
1 heaped teaspoon of dried basil

Place the dried basil in a heat proof bowl and add the boiling water. Allow this
to steep until the water cools. This creates a powerful infusion which is second
to none. Add this infusion to your regular bath to get rid of negativity and

Basil Money Candle

This spell uses the power of Basil to invite money into your life. For this
spell, get a thick green candle and using any money-drawing oil (such as basil
oil) charge it with your desire for money. With a dull knife, hollow out its
base and fill it with basil. You may also add other money attracting botanicals
such as parsley, mint, etc. Now burn it while visualizing the bounty that you
are about to acquire.

Basil Psychic Power Spell

This spell will increase your psychic power and magickal achievements. Gather
the following for this special spell:
Essential Oil of Basil
Essential Oil of Bay Laurel
Grapeseed Oil
3 small gold colored candles

Add essential oils of Basil and Bay laurel to the grapeseed oil. Use this oil to
dress the candles. Light the candles and while gazing at the flames, visualize
yourself gaining tremendous psychic powers.

“bigger breasts through witchcraft”,”
Very few people in the world are happy with the size, shape or curves on their
bodies. Recently we have had reports of adolescents and youths starving
themselves to become thin like some of the emaciated models on billboards.

This is a dangerous trend because as they get weaker and weaker, the ones who
fail to eat well will soon be unable to differentiate the good thoughts from the
bad. As the brain starves, the children forget what joy it was at one time to
enjoy food in the right quantities. Each of us are born unique. Why would we
want to look like any other person? Doesn’t that minimize our individuality?

In ancient times, thin women were considered sick and ailing. Many of the women
could not have children. Curvy women were prized and artists would create
pictures with them as they were more coveted. With time, all of these
perceptions change. What is beauty today may not be prized in a few years. So
why not appreciate and enjoy our own uniqueness?

So children, enjoy and have fun regardless of what shape, size, color, language,
race, whatever, learn to eat well and exercise well so that you stay healthy.

One way to keep our body beautiful and glowing is to ask our planet of magic,
romance and feminine powers to lend us a helping hand. Here is an awesome spell
for you:

Lunar Beauty Bath
On a full Moon night, turn the lights off in your room and open the blinds.
Allow the light of the Full Moon to come in. Discretely stand naked in the
beautiful light as the rays from the Goddess caress your body.

Go through the motions of bathing in the powerful Moonbeams that enter you and
empower you with their essence. Absorb the beauty while you petition the Moon
Goddess for help in dealing with what ails you.

Moon beams are very powerful. Most people will look stunning if they absorb the
Moonbeans on a regular basis.

While you are petitioning the Goddess, remember to detail what your intentions
are: weight loss, large breasts, anything else that you wish to increase or
decrease, etc. After you complete transmitting your intentions watch the Moon.
If the Moon suddenly brightens, it is a wonderful sign. A sudden darkening or a
cloud can mean that there will be challenges to this process. However, keep at
it and refuse to give up. Repeat this process until the next Full Moon. Repeat
as often as you wish.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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