Four Black Magic Voodoo Spells

Although the ignorant colonists assumed that all of Vodoo or Voudoun was black magick, most of us who are aware of the powers of our mind know better. When Voodoo or any other type of magick may be used for beneficial purposes, it usually has its own positive results built in. For example, if Voodoo is used only for healing purposes, the healer will be blessed by the Universe. On the other hand, anyone who misuses Voodoo may succeed in hurting someone but they should not forget that their share of blame is hurtling like a torpedo to damage their own blind self.
Here are some Voodoo spells for you.

Tongue Control Spell
This spell will prevent gossip, slander or testimony against you. This spell will work powerfully if it is done standing at the center of a crossroad. It may also be done by a window through which a sudden gust of wind may pass through to indicate an auspicious omen.

For this spell, you will need the following: a small quantity of white sugar, a pinch of white flour and finely ground salt,
Step 1: Mix the white sugar, salt and white flour.
Step 2: Into the palm of your hand, insert some of the white sugar, salt and flour.
Step 3: Visualize intently on the desired outcome. For more power beseech Ma’at, the Egyptian Dispenser of Justice.
Step 4: Now chant:
MA’AT, I am innocent of these accusations
MA’AT, Protect me!
Step 5: Allow the powders fly out of your hand.

Healing Doll Spell
As we all know, illness can be transferred from one person to another. An ancient Assyrian formula to restore good health uses clay or wax figurines to transfer illness from the person to the anonymous clay figurine.
For this spell, you will need a doll that is made without any semblance to any known living entity. The plan is to transfer the ill-health in spirit form to the doll that is waiting to take it on. This spell is accomplished entirely by the power of the mind.

Step 1: The first thing to do is to communicate with the Disease spirit to enable the unhealthy person to get rid of the problem. Meanwhile a doll is made to take over the ill health.

Step 2: Talk to the disease spirit to enable the transfer between the human and the doll that is prepared for this purpose. Encourage, cajole or threaten the Disease spirit to leave the ailing person and move over to the doll.

Step 3: As soon as the healer realizes that the entity has moved over, remove the doll from the area and dispose it far away from home.

Step 4: Now go back home through a different and more convoluted route.

Step 5: When you reach home, make sure that the patient(target of the spell) as well as the person who communicated with the disease spirit needs through and extensive cleansing along with protective rituals for their safety.

Three Hairs Love Spell
This spell is usually used to attract a woman. For this spell, you will need a tree such as hazel, ash, elder, apple, hawthorn or any other flowering tree with a hollow or crack. Also needed is a charm bag and some hairs from the woman.

Step 1: When the woman is asleep, get one hair from the nape of her neck without waking her up.
Step 2: Continue to collect hairs until you have three of them.
Step 3: Braid the hairs.
Step 4: Keep the braid in your home for a few days.
Step 5: Now put the braid in the charm bag and carry it on your body or tie it close to your body so that it absorbs the energy along with your power and desire.
Step 6: After some time, when you think that it is time, push the charm bag into the crack or hollow of the trunk of your chosen tree.

Forsake The Other Woman Spell

This spell is famous for enabling a husband to abandon the “other woman” and return himself to his true love.

For this spell, you will need no items. Instead, it is all about you and the joy of enjoying your husband’s fidelity for a long time to come!

Step 1: With your head uncovered and hair loose go to a crossroads.
Step 2: When you reach the crossroads, pick up one pebble and put it under your left armpit.
Step 3: Visualize the woman going away from your life by making a wish similar to “Just as this small rock can be removed from the road, so the other woman can be removed from my lover’s heart”
Step 4: Now find another crossroads.
Step 5: Similar to the earlier situation, pick up a pebble and place it under your right armpit.
Step 6: Again Visualize “Just as this small rock can be removed from the road, so the other woman can be removed from my lover’s heart”
Step 7: Still keeping the pebbles under each arm, pick up another one and place if under your chin.
Step 8: Go back home and just before you enter the home, drop off all the pebbles in the gutter!
The spell is done!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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