Four Easter Pagan Rituals

Easter or Ostara is one of the most important holidays for pagans who see it as a rebirth
and arrival of light that awakens us to the new birth and flowering of nature. As a fertility goddess, Ostara is connected
to New beginnings and has chosen the rabbit as her sacred animal due to its propensity for rapid births.
Ostara is a time for “awakening” into the beauty and spendor of spring. It’s a time of positive energy, and positive
Magick filled with bright colors, and feelings, and emotions
One of the celebrations that takes place yearly on Ostara is associated with the fertility. Eggs, bunnies and chicks
were celebrated to show appreciation for Nature’s resurrection and abundance. Eggs are obviously a potent symbol of
fertility and so they were offered and used to encourage women to bear children in the coming year. Even to this day,
there are healers in the Appalachian mountains of South Eastern United States who can use eggs to predict the sex of an unborn child. Dyed eggs are given as gifts in many cultures. Decorated eggs bring with them a wish for the prosperity of the abundance during the coming year.
Another celebration is the use of meat that is prohibited by religions such as Judaism and Islam.
This meat (ham) was termed “Christian meat” and was cured or preserved the previous autumn. As a
celebration, the cured meats would be consumed at this time because the spring and summer will enable people to fill up
their pantries again.

Another Easter pagan tradition included fasting to clear the “poisons” that were believed to increase
a person’s weight in winter. This fasting could have been the forerunner of the practice of giving up
certain foods during the Lenten Season as a sacrifice so that when it was time to eat them again, they would be
enjoyed even more.
During this season, shaping and creating easter eggs and bunnies using candy was also included in the
celebration. By creating sweet offering to the Goddess, one can appease Her as well as get her blessings
so that they grow and increase their vitality and fertility at the same time. The goal of most of these fertility rituals were to
increase the number of active people in their villages so that there will be enough people as well as domesticated animals to
sustain the standard of living.
Other celebrations include dancing, bonfire and rituals in the hope of enabling a thriving economy and fantastic harvests
through the year.
Here is an Ostara ritual that is usually performed at midnight. It allows everyone to join
in the comfort of their own space to feel the energy they can generate together and to
feel the positive and beautiful energy that they create, to send out in the universe.
It is believed to bring back miracles for everyone who is a part of it.
Ostara Ritual for Prosperity
- Paper and pen
- Plant pot filled with soil
- A large plant or flower seed
- Light green candle
- A small bell (or something metalic, like a pot,
to bang on)
Step #1: Place the plant pot on the floor next to
the left side of the altar. Place the paper, pen,
and seed on the altar pentacle.
Step #2: Cast the circle.
Step #3: Ring the bell three times (or hit the
pot with a spoon 3 times).
Step #4: Say: “The Goddess has freed Herself from the icy
prison of winter. Now is the greening, when
the fragrance of flowers drifts on the breeze.
The Maiden displays her beauty through colorful
spring flowers and their sweet aromas.
The Sun wakes from His long winter’s nap.
The God stretches and rises, eager in His youth,
bursting with the promise of summer.
I welcome thee, beautiful spring!”
Step #5: Light the light green candle. Say:
“Springtime is seedtime. Now is the time to plant
that which I wish to come to flower.
Spring brings hope and joy; expectations for
desires realized; and inspiration for new ideas.
Life is brought into balance and I am reborn
with the earth’s renewal.
Now the darkness of Winter and the past is cast
I look only to that which lies ahead and what
I wish to bring forth.”
Step #6: Sit in front of the altar and meditate on
what seed of an idea you would like to plant,
to grow into an opportunity. It could be a
skill or personal quality you’d like to acquire,
or an opportunity to do or create something.
Step #7: When you have decided what desire you’d like
to nurture in the coming year, write it down
on the paper. Stand up and say:
“Lord and Lady, receive this seed.
Let it germinate in my mind and heart.
Let it prosper and grow into maturity,
For I will care for it and encourage itin Your names.”
Step #8: Bury the paper into the soild in the pot.
Step #9: Pick up the plant seed and concentrate
on it and your desire. Place the seed in the
center of the pot and close the soil over on top
of it.
Step #10: Water it with water. Say:
“This seed I place in the womb of the earth
That it may become a part of that earth,
A part of life and a part of me.”
Step #11: Ring the bell (or bang the pot) three times.
Step #12: Close the circle.
Step #13: Place the plant in a room you go into
frequently, and take care of it whenever needed,
knowing that as it grows and blossoms so too will
your desire grow and blossom.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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