Four Ancient Magic Spells

Vampire Banishing Spell
Vampires are believed to exist on a place somewhere between the living and the dead realms. In ancient times, people believed that inadequate funeral rites, infection from one vampire, and various other unjust circumstances created vampires who need to suck our blood for revenge or just because they were thirsty! So here is a spell that will keep those vampires away forever.
For this spell, you will need essential oil of peppermint and some grapeseed oil.
Step 1: Mix the essential oil of peppermint to the grapeseed oil in a bottle.
Step 2: Place the bottle near your bed.
Step 3: Every night, before you go to sleep, anoint your neck with the powerful oil mix.
Step 4: Anoint your pillow too.
Step 5: This combination also acts as an aphrodisiac. J

Scrying Cup Spell
Scrying is divination using a smooth surface. With some patience and ability to still our mind, we can easily gaze into our future.
For this spell, you will need a cup or a large wineglass. Also, you will need spring water or Holy water, a few drops of liquefied palm oil and one white candle.

Step 1: Fill the large cup or wine glass with the Spring water or Holy water
Step 2: Add a few drops to the cup or glass.
Step 3: Now place the lighted white candle behind the glass
Step 4: This is the most important step. Gaze calmly into the glass without stressing on any particular idea or notion. Be ready to sit and watch the glass until you see visions appear.

Middle East Evil Eye Removal Spell
In ancient times, people believed that the eyes were so powerful that any negative thoughts that a person has could easily transform into evil experiences for the bystander with just a glance. Many of the spells in those days centered on removal of evil eye curses. Now we know that the eyes are the windows to the soul and it is our soul or spirit which makes the Universe instantiate our thoughts in this reality.

Here is a spell that was used to remove the negative effects of the “Evil eye”.

For this spell, you will need the following items:
Chunks of Alum
Hot pan
Tamarisk (for Muslims) or Palm blessed on Palm Sunday (for Christians)

Step 1: Light a small contained fire and place the pan on it.
Step 2: When the pan heats, up, add the chunks of alum, salt and frankincense into it.
Step 3: Help the child walk around the pan (safely) seven times
Step 4: As soon as you hear anything pop or crack in the pan it means that the evil eye spell is broken.
Cowrie Shell Prosperity and/or Fertility Spell

Once upon a time Cowrie shells were used for currency in Africa and Asia. Cowrie shells were also considered as talismans for fertility. Here is a spell that will enable you to increase your wealth as well as your fertility (if desired).

For this spell, you will need:
Cowrie shells (usually available in large quantities in seaside towns or online)
Red silk cord that is thin enough to string the cowries

Step 1: Hold the cowrie shells in your hand and murmur your desires to them.
Step 2: Using the red cord, add a cowrie shell.
Step 3: Add a knot while visualizing your goals
Step 4: Add more cowrie shells in the same way
Step 5: When you have added all the shells, close it to form a garland.
Step 6: Hang it on your bedpost or somewhere in your bedroom for best benefit.

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