Four wiccan revenge spells

Revenge spells fall into the category of negative energy spells. Negative energy may include anger, distrust, fury, jealousy, threats, attacks and various forms of abuse on others. As such, they are not only discouraged, even the most powerful of witches do not attempt them. If you attempt these following spells which are explained here just for knowledge, you will have the fury of the Universe right behind you. So be careful about thinking of harming another just because they hurt you or you “believe” that they have hurt you.
Since we are not the leaders of the Universe and the three fold rule takes over for all good and not-so-good actions, our human interference can only hurt our cause. If someone has hurt you, just go about your life as usual. If you are really innocent, you will be able to see what happens to the perpetrator. If you don’t see them suffer, then there may be a reason why they got away scot free. Sometimes, the justice is done much later and most of us do not connect the cause with the result unless we are really tuned to life.
So here are a few spells that may fall in the category of revenge strictly for information purposes.
Ant’s Revenge Spell
This revenge spell will bring domestic and financial discord to a family. For this spell, you will need to find an anthill near the house of the person you are supposed to avenge.
On a dark night, gather some dust from the anthill, making sure that you do not disturb the ants. Go to the house of the person you wish to avenge and scatter or sprinkle the dust on the target’s doorstep.
Betel Nut Revenge Spell
Betel nut is usually used in stimulants and has a mild pepper tastes as well as other medicinal properties. This is an amazing magickal plant that is used in hexes and other revenges. For this spell, you will need a photograph of the enemy (the person you wish to “punish”, a piece of paper with your enemy’s name on it and some clothing worn by the enemy. You will also need a large black cloth, betel nuts and cubebs.
Step 1: Place the photograph, paper with the target’s name, clothing betel nuts and cubebs in the large black cloth.
Step 2: Bury it on the ground where your target is sure to pass over the bundle. When s/he passes over it, the revenge will work.
Bottle Hex Spell
This spell will avenge anyone who has done you harm. Remember that the Universe does take care of you in many ways including the times when you are the focus of an hex. If you interfere with the Universe, there is no guessing what can happen in your life. So do not work on any revenge spells at all.
Ok, for information, here is the list of items you may need in case you attempt to work on it. A bottle with a tight cap, a piece of paper with the target’s name on it, some holly and ivy, black ink and war water.
To work on the spell, put all the items into the bottle and close it tight. Now bury is upside down. That’s it.

Skull Candle Hex Spell
Although Skull candles are used for beneficial purposes, at times we may use it for malevolent purposes. Here is a spell that uses a skull candle to avenge someone else.
For this spell, you will need a skull candle, brown paper and pen.
Step 1: On the skull candle, carve the important information about the target such as their name, name of parents, address, land where they live or originated, etc. Be as descriptive as you can (for the Universe has to find the right person and not make a mistake!)
Step 2: Dress the candle with any of your favorite commanding oils while explaining to the Universe what happened and why you want this revenge to work.
Step 3: Also write the identifying information on the piece of brown paper.
Step 4: Place the paper on a large fire proof plate.
Step 5: Now burn it while visualizing your goals coming true.
Step 6: Sit by the candle as it burns and think of your goals and why you have to do this spell.
Step 7: Look into the eyes of the skull while you deeply focus on your intentions.
Step 8: When the candle has died down, collect all of the remnants and make sure that you throw them away outside of your home.

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