Free Love Spells – And What You Must Do Beforehand

Scrying (Exactly How You Can “Peek” Into Your Future)

Before dong a love spell, it is important to learn to “scry” beforehand, so you can tailor the spell to what you see in your future.

Scrying is a form of Divination and Channeling. It allows you to see into the future using a tool with a reflective (or clear) surface.

It is different than Channeling because you aren’t in a meditative state, and you aren’t as wide open to negative energies (so it is very safe for even beginners to try). (you still should prepare your sacred space and cast your circle for protection first though)

I am going to walk you through the steps you will take to do Scrying. The more “in tune” you are with your Magick energy, the more successful you will be – and the more you will learn about the future through Scrying – which will give you the ability to alter your love spell as needed.

If you have problems “seeing” anything when Scrying – remember that you need to have a grasp of the basics of controlling Magick energy. You need to discover the secret of tapping into this energy any time you need it – for any reason.

If you try, try, try, and nothing happens – go through the basics of Meditation, Visualization, and Spell casting in the Home Academy. This will get you in tune with Magick energy, and allow you to plug in to it for successful scrying.

Follow along to try Scrying on your own before doing any of the free love spells I will be giving you later…

Prepare your sacred space, and cast your circle of protection.

First, you need to find an object with a reflective surface. This can either be a piece of smooth glass, a mirror, a crystal ball (found at various occult shops or online), or a glass bowl of water. I like to use a smooth piece of glass about the size of a medium picture frame.

Whatever you choose, make sure you “feel good” about your choice. If you have any doubt about the object, do not use it. It is important to feel at least a little comfortable with your choice so that you have no inhibitions about the process.

Hit this link to get the rest of the steps, and to get a few free love spells I have prepared for you.

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