Free spells and hexes and curses

Before I give you a sample of hexes and curses, I have to remind you that these are just for study and information. As most of us are aware, hexes and curses if worked on will only make our lives miserable. Be a smart witch and work only on beneficial spells. The Universe will deal with mean souls in a not-so-forgiving way. However, if you are kind to all, including those who may have hurt you, your life will blossom without limit!
1. Sapodilla Seeds Candle Hex
Sapodilla is a tropical fruit that is used widely in magickal curses.
For this hex, you will need the tropical Sapodilla seeds and Grains of paradise along with some Olive oil and black candles as needed.
Step 1: Grind the tropical Sapodilla seeds and Grains of paradise.
Step 2: Add them to a bottle of Olive oil.
Step 3: When you wish to place a hex on someone, dress a black candle with this oil and visualize hurting them.

Banishing Hex Spell
This spell is used to get someone to go away for a while. For this, you will need a rag doll, a shoe box, “Lost and Away powder”, black wax and a double boiler.
Step 1: Label the rag doll with the name of the person you do not like.
Step 2: Mark the doll with a name and other identifying details
Step 3: Sprinkle the doll with Lost and Away powder
Step 4: Melt wax in the double boiler.
Step 5: Gently pour the wax on the doll and sprinkle it with more Lost and Away powder.
Step 6: Bury the doll underground far away from your home.
Step 7: Visit the same place once in a while and sprinkle more Lost and Away powder.

Cactus Needles Hex
Again, do not attempt to work on this spell.
For this ancient spell, all you need is a clay image of your enemy and some cactus thorns.
Step 1: First create a wax image of your enemy.
Step 2: Add identifying details such as name, address, date of birth, etc. using a dull knife.
Step 3: Stab it with the cactus needles visualizing negative things while murmuring curses.
Name Paper Hex Spell
This spell is used to control or hurt others just by using their name. For this spell, you will need the name of the target and other identifying details (you don’t want to hurt an innocent person!). Also needed is Commanding Oil.
Step 1: Write the name and other identifying information on a piece of paper
Step 2: Dress it with large amounts of Commanding oil while visualizing the outcome.
Step 3: Hold the paper in your hand while focusing in your demands
Step 4: Now that you have the “person” in your control, you may kick the paper, throw it around, etc. These actions are believed to hurt the person who is the object of the spell.

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