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Using These Free Spells Will Help You Practice Your Magick In Safety

A basic banishing spell is also a great tool to have, as you will want to use it every time you move into a new home. Homes frequently have all manner of magical sludge on them, up to and including ghosts, nightmare beings, and negativity vampires. It is best to rid yourself of these things as soon as possible! This ritual can be as simple as taking a bowl of salt water, blessing it, and flinging it throughout the house while calling on your patrons to remove these influences. You may even use your own internal power; often simply asserting that this is now your home and you will not tolerate the presence of negativity is enough.

You may want to follow up your banishing ritual with a blessing ritual for your new home. It can be very similar to the banishing ritual and its exact form will depend on what tradition you follow. It can be serious or tongue in cheek and still have powerful effects. Take a chalice of salt water and purify it. Elder flowers and huckleberry root are associated with this ritual in the Celtic tradition, but you will want to add whatever herbs are associated with blessings and banishment of evil in your tradition to your brew. Sprinkle this brew around the house while invoking positive energies and spirits. My favorite words for this spell come from an old Irish blessing: “may the roof above us never fall in, and the people below it never fall out!”

What about a love spell? In a previous article, I told you how dangerous it is to impede another’s free will. But that doesn’t mean you can’t appeal to the deities! It is important that you choose your language carefully, though; instead of asking, say, Aphrodite to make someone fall for you, ask Her for clarity when it comes to romantic issues. To gain Aphrodite’s attention, offer Her beautiful things. A gorgeous flower would be appropriate, or an abalone shell. Ask her to make your love as beautiful as the offerings you have given Her, and to open the path of romance for you.

Money is another one people frequently want a spell for. Gather around you symbols you associate with money. Green or gold candles, for example, can be particularly helpful to an American witch. Scatter coins at the base of the candles and call on the spirits of prosperity as you light each one.

The most important thing to remember about spells and rituals are that they are not set in stone! Rituals will change to fit you and your patrons, so don’t be afraid to modify the spells you might find in books and on the Internet.

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