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Magick Triggers (How To Make Complex Spells Simple)

Think of “Triggers” as an entire spell or ritual that has been assigned to a simple action, motion, word, or thought.

Triggers give you the ability to “store” a lengthy spell or ritual that you need to use often into a simple guesture. I’d like to give you a free wicca spell in “trigger form”, but first I need to explain them…

Any time you need to send out the Magick energies of the spell or ritual, you can invoke the trigger to instantly cast the spell – any time you want.

The more complex the spell or ritual that you want to store in a trigger, the more difficult it is (and the more experience you need to pull it off). And keep in mind, the first few times you use the trigger, the spell may not be very successful. But the more you use the trigger, the more powerful the spells Magick will become.

The real secret for using successful triggers is to “program” your trigger so that you remember all of the emotion, belief, and focus that went into the assigned spell or ritual. And to “feel” all of that fast, at the moment you use your trigger.

Since it is very important to start with triggers that are simple, I have laid out a step-by-step example you can follow along with and practice.

The triggers used here are simply for casting your circle, and then opening your circle at the end.

In between the “circle casting” and “opening circle” triggers, I decided to take this opportunity to show you an important spell you can do to reverse any spell that you previously cast.

This spell is very important to use if you ever feel you “messed up” when casting a spell – or you decide that a spell that you had cast was something you really didn’t want after all.

Here it is:

The First Of The Free Wicca Spells – Spell Reversal Using Triggers To Cast and Open your Magick Circle

Cast your circle by pointing your finger first to the east, and completing a full circle around you three times. While doing this, focus on the circle of protection being drawn around you. At the last round, salute to each of the quarters, asking their presence while you do so, by pausing at the direction of each gate before moving to complete the circle.

To get the rest of the wicca spells (don’t worry, it’s free) just go here.

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